The 2019 NAB AFL National Draft will run from 27-28 November 2019.

Round one of the draft will be selected on Wednesday 27 November at Marvel Stadium.

Rounds two onwards will be held on Thursday 28 November.

Below is the current draft order as of the final round of the home and away season.

GCFC1. Gold Coast
MELB2. Melbourne
ADEL3. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
SYD4. Sydney
STK5. St Kilda
FRE6. Fremantle
NMFC7. North Melbourne
CARL8. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT9. Port Adelaide
HAW10. Hawthorn
GWS11. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Essendon)
WB12. Western Bulldogs
GWS13. Greater Western Sydney
WCE14. West Coast
BL15. Brisbane (tied to Collingwood)
RICH16. Richmond
GCFC17. Gold Coast (tied to Brisbane)
GEEL18. Geelong
BL19. Brisbane (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB20. Melbourne
ADEL21. Adelaide (tied to Carlton)
WCE22. West Coast (tied to Sydney)
SYD23. Sydney (tied to St Kilda)
FRE24. Fremantle
NMFC25. North Melbourne
ADEL26. Adelaide
PORT27. Port Adelaide
HAW28. Hawthorn
ESS29. Essendon
WB30. Western Bulldogs
ESS31. Essendon (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
WCE32. West Coast
COLL33. Collingwood
RICH34. Richmond
BL35. Brisbane
GEEL36. Geelong
RICH37. Richmond (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB38. Melbourne
CARL39. Carlton
SYD40. Sydney
WB41. Western Bulldogs (tied to St Kilda)
BL42. Brisbane (tied to Fremantle)
NMFC43. North Melbourne
CARL44. Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
HAW45. Hawthorn (tied to Port Adelaide)
WB46. Western Bulldogs (tied to Hawthorn)
ESS47. Essendon
WB48. Western Bulldogs
GWS49. Greater Western Sydney
SYD50. Sydney (tied to West Coast)
COLL51. Collingwood
GCFC52. Gold Coast (tied to Richmond)
BL53. Brisbane
GEEL54. Geelong
STK55. St Kilda (tied to Gold Coast)
MELB56. Melbourne
SYD57. Sydney (tied to Carlton)
SYD58. Sydney
WCE59. West Coast (tied to St Kilda)
ESS60. Essendon (tied to Fremantle)
PORT61. Port Adelaide (tied to North Melbourne)
PORT62. Port Adelaide (tied to Adelaide)
PORT63. Port Adelaide
COLL64. Collingwood (tied to Hawthorn)
ESS65. Essendon
PORT66. Port Adelaide (tied to Western Bulldogs)
CARL67. Carlton (tied to Greater Western Sydney)
STK68. St Kilda (tied to West Coast)
COLL69. Collingwood
RICH70. Richmond
NMFC71. North Melbourne
RICH72. Richmond (tied to Geelong)
GCFC73. Gold Coast
MELB74. Melbourne
GWS75. Greater Western Sydney (tied to Carlton)
SYD76. Sydney
STK77. St Kilda
FRE78. Fremantle
NMFC79. North Melbourne
CARL80.Carlton (tied to Adelaide)
PORT81. Port Adelaide
HAW82. Hawthorn
ESS83. Essendon
WB84. Western Bulldogs
GWS85. Greater Western Sydney
GCFC86. Gold Coast (tied to West Coast)
HAW87. Hawthorn (tied to Collingwood)
RICH88. Richmond
BL89. Brisbane
GEEL90. Geelong
1. 300019. 94837. 48355. 20773. 9
2. 251720. 91238. 46556. 19474. -
3. 223421. 87839. 44657. 182 
4. 203422. 84540. 42958. 170 
5. 187823. 81541. 41259. 158 
6. 175124. 78542. 39560. 146 
7. 164425. 75643. 37861. 135 
8. 155126. 72944. 36262. 123 
9. 146927. 70345. 34763. 112 
10. 139528. 67746. 33164. 101 
11. 132929. 65347. 31665. 90 
12. 126830. 62948. 30266. 80 
13. 121231. 60649. 28767. 69 
14. 116132. 58450. 27368. 59 
15. 111233. 56351. 25969. 49 
16. 106734. 54252. 24670. 39 
17. 102535. 52253. 23371. 29 
18. 98536. 50254. 22072. 19