The forward line is the place to be for Fremantle’s AFLW players, according to Freo trio Hayley Miller, Sarah Garstone and Laura Pugh. 

In the second episode of the new podcast series Kickin’ Back with Hayley and Sez, the trio seemed almost jealous of the fun Freo’s forwards are having at training and during games.

Pugh was the special guest for the second episode of the podcast, which is quickly rising up the Australian Sports charts, currently ranked at no.35 on iTunes.

Miller got the conversation rolling when Pugh joked about how she should play full forward instead of in the backline.

“It looks more fun down there to be honest,” Miller said.

“When we’re at training, all it looks like they’re doing is having fun, kicking snags and celebrating their goals.

“The midfield are grinding away, talking about all of our structures and everything, and all you can hear is them screaming down the forward line enjoying themselves.”

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Miller had special praise for forward Sabreena Duffy, who booted four goals as the star of Freo’s round one win against Geelong.

“Sabs’ four goals, she was absolutely incredible,” Miller said.

“One of the goals where she grabbed it one handed and just snapped it, it was great. She can make the ball talk.”

A first-year player, Garstone revealed a surprising reason why watching the game with her teammates made her even more motivated to earn her debut. 

“I think the banter (between non-playing players at the game) honestly made me want to get a game more just so I didn’t have to listen to Emma O’Driscoll’s terrible commentary,” Garstone said.

“I was so over it. At one point she referred to Turbo’s (Kiara Bowers) tackles as being like a little crocodile as she just chops away at her prey. 

“That made me a bit more hungry to get a game so I can get away from that!”

Miller thought that O’Driscoll’s call was spot on.

“(Bowers’) 14 tackles, I don’t actually know how that’s possible sometime,” Miller said.

“I can feel like I tackle all day and get five! She is just like a snappy crocodile.”

Kickin’ Back is a weekly show that features one Fremantle AFLW player each week, focusing on footy and life away from the ground. 

Pugh’s ‘skills’ on the recorder was the highlight from episode two, while the series kicked off with a star guest in defender Evie Gooch. 

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