The 7th of May 1995 was the sixth game in Fremantle's history.

And it was the first time Fremantle had gone up against a superstar of the game in Tony Lockett.

Running out at the WACA, Fremantle and Sydney started the game with a 2-3 record. Sydney had been especially competitive, losing two games by under a goal and they were coming off a 58-point thumping of Adelaide.

But Sydney's day would be derailed by a young Winston Abraham, who was playing just his fourth AFL game, and John Hutton.

Hutton, a former Brisbane and Sydney player, was running out for just his 27th game.

The contest see-sawed early, with both teams exchanging leads of multiple goals. Here's how it all unfolded.

In what would eventually be a showdown between Hutton and Abraham, Abraham made the ‘mistake’ of ensuring Hutton was on the board early.

And again in the fifth minute.

Notice how good Abraham looked on the run? Get used to that.

Ben Allan ensured that it wasn’t just going to be the Winny & Hutton show, with this brilliant intercept and checkside kick on the run to put Freo three goals up after six minutes.

It was starting to seem too easy.

Sydney found their mojo to kick five goals in five minutes. This was the first of the five, and of course, it was Plugga.

How can Freo stop the onslaught?

Enter Dale Kickett. His intercept and rebound out of defence set Scottie Watters free to kick a beauty!


Hutton was tunnelled in a marking contest and added Freo’s fifth (and Hutton's third) for the term before Abraham got on the board after this brave mark.


An enthralling opening term ended with six goals each and the Swans up by three. 6.3 (39) to 6.0 (36).


It didn't take long for Freo to score and re-take the lead with this brilliant soccer goal from Peter Miller.

Side note: Miller was one of Fremantle's first signings and he played just 15 games in his AFL career, all in 1995, before his surprise retirement at the end of the season.

The Swans would respond through Michael O'Loughlin. It was all brought about by an inside 50 from Sydney's no.29, (and current Fremantle CEO) Simon Garlick.

The Swans were rolling again, as Lockett added another two. Suddenly Sydney's lead was out to 20 points.

Freo stemmed the tide through Andrew Wills, combining well with the late Quenton Leach.

But Sydney's Darren Kappler would respond, giving the Swans a 19-point lead at half time.

FRE 8.4 (52)
SYD 11.5 (71)

Not looking good.

Abraham must have had a few extra oranges at half time as he came out firing in the third with this running goal.

That's his second for those keeping count.

Garlick had this chance to respond for the Swans. If only Lockett bothered to gave him an option!

Our heroes of the day, Hutton and Abraham, combined again.

Then what was the highlight of the day, Stephen O'Reilly taking five bounces down the wing with Lockett in pursuit.

Hutton popped up to bring Freo back within two goals. He was snatching everything that day!

Seconds later, Hutton added another one.

Love that Kickett-Allan combo.

Score update with nine minutes to play in the third...

FRE 13.5 (83)
SYD 13.8 (86)

But Freo would add three more before the final break. Leigh Wardell-Johnson goaled from a free kick, then Hutton benefitted from a free kick down the ground after Derek Kickett bumped Shane Parker after the play.

Miller added his second and the Freo fans were much happier at 3QT.

Was that a wry smile from Gerard Neesham?


After leading by 19 at half time, Sydney now trailed by 19 at the final break.

Sydney coach Ron Barassi would have been reminding his players of their game a week prior, where they trailed Adelaide by 17 at three quarter time and booted 11.9 in the fourth.

But Freo had other plans. After a quiet few minutes to open the term they got started when Craig Burrows intercepted a kick-in - slotting the goal from 60!

Then Abraham-on-the-run kicks his fourth.

Allan adds his second with this beauty. Suddenly Freo are up by 39.

Sydney got a couple back through Higgins and Troy Gray until Winston added his fifth!

Great work again by Kickett and Allan up the ground.

Score update with just over two minutes to play.

FRE 21.13 (139)
SYD 16.9 (105)

Wills wheels around and puts Freo up by 40.

Seconds later, Abraham kicks his sixth! It was his fifth goal on the run.

It was all happening in the crowd. One fan had their flag caught on the barbed wire while the cheer squad member with the green streamers went completely rogue.

As it stood, Hutton (6.5) and Abraham (6.0) were tied with six goals each.

With 28 seconds to play, Hutton snatched the lead back from Abraham with his seventh. Freo up by 52.

And Hutton wasn't done!

Freo streamed forward once again to kick their fourth goal in just over two minutes of football.

Hutton slotted the goal after the siren and finished the day with the impressive figures of 8.5.

Interestingly, it was the third (and final) time he kicked a bag of eight goals in his 39-game career.

One of those times came on a much tougher day for Hutton, kicking 8.0 for Brisbane as they fell to a then-record loss of 37.17 (239) to 11.9 (75) against Geelong in 1992.

He would have pleased to be treated, along with his teammates, to a standing ovation from the Freo Faithful.