Hayden Young already has raps on him for his decision-making on the field.

And it also appears to be the case off the field as he managed to jump some hurdles to get his family on FaceTime to deliver the news that he’s making his debut on Saturday against Brisbane.

“My parents aren’t very tech savvy, so when I call them on FaceTime they’re like ‘how do I turn my camera on’,” Young said before he made the call.

“So I’ll just call my little brother.”

The problem was, it was 7.50am and Josh isn’t known for getting up early.

“C’mon Joshy. I don’t think this is going to happen,” Young said as his phone rang out.

So instead he called his mum, but kept the news to himself.

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Young's call home to the family

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“Do you want to wake Josh up and tell him to put his FaceTime on. And tell him to get out of bed,” Young told his mum.

“And (tell Josh to) put some clothes on too!”

When Young finally got through he wasn’t exactly greeted fondly by his tired younger brother.

But it all changed when Young broke the news and asked Josh if he’ll be wearing his Freo jumper that day.

“C’mon!” screamed Josh down the line.

“Bloody oath, I’ve got it right here.”

Hayden’s mum then got his grandma on the line on a different phone. While there was confusion through the bad connection, Hayden got the news across.

“Nana, can you hear me?”


“I’m playing today.”


“Me, I’m playing, I’m making my debut!”

“Hayden? Are you! How did that happen?”

“I was an emergency and Nathan Wilson’s pulled up with a sore back, so I’ve been called in late.”

“Congratulations, Hayden, that’s lovely! You’re playing today, that’s very good, well done love.”

“Thanks Nana.”

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The moment Hayden Young learnt of his debut

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