Charles Wabbit, or Charlie to his friends, is the latest pet to take up a ‘Purple Paws’ membership.

Charlie is a very adventurous 2-year-old rabbit, belonging to member Matt Long.

Purple Paws is a new membership type available for all animals, meaning no one in the family gets left out.

“We got him a purple Freo footy and I often find him out in the backyard ‘kicking’ the footy around with his nose,” Matt said.

“He just loves exploring and sniffing things in the garden.

“He is definitely very curious and active.”

Matt signed Charlie up for Purple Paws because he wanted everyone in the family to be a member.

“We like Charlie to be a part of everything we do, so it’s great that he can be a member too,” Matt said.

Charlie will not be able to attend the games, but he still likes to be part of the action.

“Whenever there is an away game, and we are home watching the boys on the TV, Charlie sits on his purple Freo blanket and cheers the team on,” Matt said.

“I know we are as excited as each other for the season to start, he just needs some other Purple Paws members to hang out with now!”

To sign your pet up for a Purple Paws membership click here.