Fremantle have continued to ramp up their running in the 2021 pre-season as the coaching group finds new ways to incorporate fitness in between the players’ skill sessions.

Forward Rory Lobb called Fremantle’s almost two and a half hour session on Wednesday ‘light’ as the players relished training in the relatively cooler 30 degree heat compared to last week’s heat wave.

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But the coaches still pushed the players with running sessions taking place between the already physically intense training drills.

The extra running comes on top of the players' hill running session in Kings Park on Saturday.

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Off the track | Rory Lobb

We spoke to Rory Lobb off the track at training.

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With pre-season starting approximately one month later than normal, Lobb said the heightened fitness component was especially important.

“We’ve been running in between each of our little craft drills (as) there’s still a fair bit we need to do before we start getting closer to games,” Lobb said.

“It’s a shorter pre-season so we’re trying to get as much running in as we can.

“Fitness is going to be a big thing coming off a short pre-season so we’re just making sure that everyone is fit enough to play a game.

“There’s (also) a lot of individual stuff, aerial work for the talls, small forward craft, stuff like that and we’re working on our decision making and kicking as well.”

The Fremantle squad has been significantly smaller since pre-season resumed this year with a number of Freo Dockers in quarantine after players returned from Melbourne during the Christmas break.

Lobb expects the quarantined players to be back fit and ready to go after being allocated the afternoon to use the club’s oval when other players and staff are absent.

“We’re obviously missing a core bit of our group, I think there’s 12 or 13 boys due to quarantine restrictions,” Lobb said.

“It’s hurting us missing those boys for the first couple of weeks but there’s been a lot of growth in this group.

“They’ve been training in the heat of the day from about two in the afternoon when we’re not here. I’m sure they’ll be really fit and ready to go.”

Lobb said his goalkicking was a particular focus of his for the summer.

“I’ve been working on my set shot routine, as most fans would want to know. I’m feeling really good in my routine,” Lobb said.

“I’m working on my aerial stuff, a lot of ball winning and trying to win my own footy. Obviously, there’s a lot of communicating and being as loud as I can, being an older player.”