Exciting forward Roxy Roux’s special talent is well known to all Fremantle fans, but even the 19-year-old surprised herself when she kicked one of goals of the season in Freo’s 49-point win against Gold Coast on Saturday.
And according to Roux and senior coach Trent Cooper, the kick might pay off in more ways than one.
Every week at training, the players have a shot on goal from the boundary and forwardline coach Amy Lavell puts up a coffee to anyone who kicks a goal.
After watching Fremantle go goalless in the opening term, Roux had the ball in hand in the exact spot and decided to back herself in.
“I actually practice that shot a lot. We call it our ‘coffee shot’,” Roux said.
“‘Cotters’ (Lavell) always puts the challenge there and we practice it after every training and I finally got my chance!
“I think I went into my own little bubble and I thought ‘do I go for it or put it to the top of the square’ and I thought I’d been practicing it for so long and I’ve come a long way from never being able to get it near the goals. I just went for it.
“Now ‘Cotters’ really owes me a coffee!”

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Roxy Roux slots one from the boundary line

Roxy Roux the first of the day for Fremantle with a banana goal from the boundary line!

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Cooper said that the coaches were concerned they might be on the hook for more than one coffee.
“They shoot from there every night and they have coffee bets on it with the coach so Amy Lavell, she might be up for a whole coffee machine after that one,” Cooper siad.
“When she had it we actually said this is the coffee shot so we gave her the chance and it went through.
“She’s a pretty special talent Roxy, I was wrapped with her endeavour today, the way she rucked when she was in the ruck and her forward pressure, it was really amazing.”
Roux also explained why she turned to the crowd to celebrate the moment after getting around her teammates.
“I heard my Mum and whoever knows her knows how loud she is,” Roux said.
“As soon as I heard her I went that direction and I went ‘yeah Mum, I kicked a goal!’ it was really exciting.”

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Roxy Roux | Post-match interview

Roxy Roux speaks to DTV fresh off her performance against the Gold Coast

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After conceding the opening goal, it was Roux’s goal that set Fremantle Oval alight and started a seven goal run for the home team, with six of those coming after half time.
While pleased with the result, Roux said Freo need to improve on their slow starts.
“There’s still a lot to work on. There were a few messages from Coops, mostly that we just need to start (better),” Roux said.
“We had the goal to have intensity from the start and we really didn’t bring that from the start, so this is something that we’re definitely going to be improving on. I think we’ll see that next week in our game.”