Nathan Wilson has revealed that when he requested a trade from GWS back to WA, he only had one club in mind.

Like Cam McCarthy - a former teammate at the Giants who was traded to Fremantle last year - Wilson said that he was delighted to come home to play for the team he grew up supporting. 

“It was Freo or bust, I don’t like Eagles,” Wilson said. 

“You’re either Freo or Eagles, and I’m Freo.”

Despite Wilson’s self-admitted purple passion, the exciting rebound defender wasn’t one of the first of the Freo faithful to find about the news of the trade.

Wilson was on a flight to Bali at the time the deal was done and had difficulties connect his phone to international roaming upon landing.

Luckily, another Freo fan was on hand to deliver the good news.

“I was on a plane going to Bali so when I got to Bali someone told me. He must have been a Fremantle supporter,” Wilson said.

“As soon as I landed my roaming wasn’t working to find out if I’d been traded or not, so he came up to me and said welcome back to Perth.

“We started chatting and he showed me the trade and that it had been done.” 

Once Wilson’s phone was online, he was bombarded with messages wishing him well. 

“That was great. My phone was going off as soon as I got into Bali,” Wilson said.

“I was stoked that it got done and the 'missus' was crying and the family was crying. It's a dream some true to come and play back home.”