In the latest episode of Old Bull Young Buck, midfielder James Aish spilled the beans on his friendship with captain Nat Fyfe.

Co-host Griffin Logue called it an ‘unsung bromance’ within the four walls at Fremantle, asking city-slicker Aish about how he fared on a 1700km camping trip from Cairns to Brisbane with Fyfe, who occasionally moonlights as a truck driver in his home town of Lake Grace in the off-season.

Aish explained why he had the nickname ‘Mallet Man’ upon their return back to Perth.

“After the Cairns hub we stayed back and hired a ‘troopy’ (Toyota Landcruiser) and went from Cairns to Brisbane. I think it was in seven days, so it was a lot of driving,” Aish said.

“You drive, six or seven hours a day, get to a spot. You’re pretty knackered and I just take my time, walk around a bit, he’s already on top of the ‘troopy’, lassoing something, tying something up. I’m just standing around doing nothing.

“He’s all about efficiency. Most of the time I was there, someone would end up wondering over with a mallet and offering it to me as they would see I was struggling.

“I would just set up with the mallet most time on the tools. That was my role in the end.”

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The return of the pod! We're here for episode two (longer, as requested) and we're super keen to bring you this chat with Jimmy Aish. We chat with Aishy about camping with Nat Fyfe, what makes him 'Redlegs Royalty' and we find out why Griff is g...

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As well as a nickname for Aish, the pair also returned with nose rings, although Fyfe ditched the look quite quickly.

“I’ve persevered with mine but it’s been tough. I take it out for games and I forgot to put it back in after the last game,” Aish said.

“After an hour or two, it starts to close up so you have to jam it back in after a game. It’s not pleasant. I’m probably going to give it up.”

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