Fremantle gave their thanks to Australia’s first responders on Wednesday, with the Club holding a morning tea and the players acknowledging those in attendance before kicking off their main training session.

It comes as Fremantle prepare for Saturday’s clash against Gold Coast, where Freo and the WA Police will give thanks to those who keep WA safe.

Both Griffin Logue and Blake Acres have parents who are members of the WA Police Force. Acres’ dad Daniel has been a police officer for 27 years while Griffin’s mum Lisa has been serving for 30 years.

Acres said he always admired how his father found a balance between parenting and a demanding job.

“My old man has been a cop for 27 years. I think it’s a great thing we’re doing this week, being able to thank the first responders,” Acres said.

“When I was younger the hours he put in, the night shifts and coming home and making sure I still got to my footy games and he still got to see every game I played. I’ve seen the other side of it all. It’s important to be able to thank the Police Force and all the first responders and the great work they’ve been doing for years now.”

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'The way JL sets our team up it's all about playing your role' | Blake Acres

Blake Acres spoke to WA media ahead of Fremantle's round 13 clash against the Suns at Optus Stadium.

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CEO Simon Garlick said Fremantle were delighted to join forces with WA Police.

“Thank a First Responder Day is being celebrated today nationally, and it’s wonderful for our Club to be involved,” Garlick said.

“We’ll be taking that a step further for our game at Optus Stadium this Saturday when we partner with the WA Police Force to say thank you to the First Responders and all those working on the front line who protect our community and keep WA safe.

“There’ll be plenty to see and experience as the WA Police Force showcase their vehicles, boats, drones, horses, dogs and even I’m told, Police puppies.

“After fire ravaged our nation in 2020, following by the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve never been more reliant on our first responders. Police, Fire, Emergency Services and St Johns Ambulance Paramedics, yet many of Australia’s 300,000 first responders receive little thanks for what they do.”

Assistant Commissioner Darryl Gaunt also spoke about the new partnership forged between WA Police and Freo.

“This weekend, we have the game day at Optus Stadium, WA Police will be showcasing a great deal of their assets and a lot of the roles and functions that people can experience,” Gaunt said.

“We will be quite openly promoting Western Australia Police Force as a career option for people on the weekend and we encourage everyone to come along, speak to our people, enjoy the moment and there will be a great deal of activity going on for all ages and groups and we encourage everyone to come along.”

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'We are very grateful for the recognition' | Darryl Gaunt

Fremantle CEO Simon Garlick and Police Assistant Commissioner Darryl Gaunt spoke to WA media about Thank A First Responder Day and Fremantle's upcoming clash against the Suns.

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