One of the lighter moments from Sunday’s RAC Derby came when David Mundy appeared to make a school-yard prank on West Coast’s Liam Ryan during the second quarter.

Mundy described it as the ‘down low, too slow’ where he removed his hand at the last second after initially offering to help Ryan off the ground before a ball-up.

Old Bull, Young Buck co-host Griffin Logue was also involved in the incident, ending up on top of Ryan in the pack when the stoppage was called in Fremantle’s defensive 50.

Logue got to the bottom of the matter in the latest episode and asked Mundy if this was a rare change to his clean-cut character.

“It's been spoken about today, I showed Tabs (Matt Taberner) the video yesterday of you putting out the fake hand to Liam Ryan,” Logue said.

“I was in the tackle and he was on top of me. You put out the fake hand, did you do that on purpose? David Mundy, the nice guy, have you been playing tricks?”

Mundy explained that he went into it with good intentions, but blamed Logue for making it too hard to follow through with his kind gesture.

“You mean the 'down low too slow'?” Mundy said.

“I handballed it to you and you got tackled by (Jamie) Cripps. Then we're all kind of together and Liam starts a little bit banter, a bit of back and forth.

“I was actually going to help him up but then you were ‘dead fishing’ on him a bit, playing the dumb key back.

“It was a defensive 50 stoppage so I had other things to worry about. I didn't do it on purpose, he just took too long and I couldn't get a 110 kilo beast (Logue) off him.”

The game was Mundy’s 353rd in the AFL - equalling Matthew Pavlich’s Club record for Fremantle - and it was also a chance to celebrate Mundy reaching the 350-game mark with his family after he played the milestone game in round 19 away from home against Sydney.

“Given the difficulties around travel with the 350th and not having Sally, the kids or my Mum and Dad there, it was really nice to share that (the 353rd) with them, and in particular my children who absolutely loved the change rooms,” Mundy said.

“You probably saw the clip that Fremantle put up, they were actually running a muck during our team meeting. When we got out onto the ground the boys just charged through the banner and absolutely had a ball.

“We've still got bits of the banner at home so they brought it home and loved it. One of my young boys Hudson was given a game ball after the game and he actually slept with that last night, he asked me to go and get it out of the car and he slept with the game ball.

“It was really memorable for us all and it was great to get the win.”

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But there were plenty of highlights for Mundy on the day that had nothing to do with his milestone or getting the win, as Fremantle paid tribute to retired star Stephen Hill.

“From my perspective, it was pretty emotional,” Mundy said.

“I asked him into our huddle in the pregame for our final speech and referenced Hilly's contribution to our group and our Club.

“I asked him if he'd like to say something, I thought it would be really powerful, but Hilly being Hilly, he was like 'nah nah nah, no thanks'.

“It was obviously a big week for Stephen and his family but I thought the way that he was acknowledged by the crowd at half time, I noticed him going around on the golf cart and it was pretty emotional for me at that time.

“To get the win and chair him off, I thought it was great acknowledgement for his contribution.”