Fremantle and Justin Longmuir have agreed to a two-year contract extension, seeing the senior coach at the helm until at least the end of the 2024 season.

Longmuir has one year remaining on his original contract, meaning he effectively has at least three years to run on his new deal.

Fremantle finished 12th in 2020 and 11th in 2021 under Longmuir, who was in charge of one of the league’s youngest lists in both seasons.

A former player who represented Fremantle in 139 games between 1999 and 2007, Longmuir said he was proud to lead a Club that belongs to the members and supporters.

“I’m very humbled and very grateful for this opportunity,” Longmuir said.

“This contract extension doesn’t really change my approach, it’s just nice to know that board and management are happy with the work I’m doing so far.

“This isn’t my Club, it’s everyone’s Club and I’ve got to do the right thing by Fremantle and everyone who supports us. As senior coach, that is my aim and I’ll continue to do that.”

Longmuir said it was exciting to oversee a young and talented list but stressed that he and the players could not simply expect success to follow.

“Our responsibility is to make sure we set up an environment where all of our players can be their best selves and reach their potential,” Longmuir said.

“If we can do that, things do look very exciting, but there’s a lot of work that has to go into achieving our goals. We have to keep doing the work.

“I’m pleased with where we are at but not satisfied at all. We have to keep growing our culture and a lot of work to do with the way we play - every individual has a say in that.”

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2021 Doig Medal | Justin Longmuir

Senior coach Justin Longmuir addresses the room at the 2021 Doig Medal.

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CEO Simon Garlick said Longmuir had multiple strengths as a senior coach.

“Justin has a great balance of knowing the game incredibly well and being a technically strong coach while also having the ability to build genuine relationships and a high level of rapport with the players and football staff,” Garlick said.

“While we believe Justin has great capability as a Coach, we also feel he is a great fit for our Club from a culture and values perspective

“He’s builds and values relationships, not only with the players, but across the entire Club, including our supporter base and coterie groups. This is reflective of the passion he has for the Club and his determination to help us achieve sustained on-field success.

“We are very pleased with the work Justin has done thus far and while we all know there is much to do, we feel confident in the direction the football program is heading.”

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