Away from his Melbourne-based family on a 43-degree Christmas day, Andrew Brayshaw had every excuse to give an annual family tradition a miss in 2021.

But alongside brother Hamish, he was part of a crew of 18 that ran 100 x 100m sprints at an oval in City Beach on Christmas morning.

Totaling 10km of running, each participant took part in the sprints that started every 35 seconds, wrapping up in just under an hour.

This group included teammates Caleb Serong and Lloyd Meek, as well as new recruits Jordan Clark, Will Brodie and draftee Matthew Johnson.

Serong was interviewed by 9News Perth about the grueling runs.

"I like the idea of getting that mental edge when you don't think anyone else will go for a run on Christmas Day," Serong told 9News.

"I've tried to do a similar thing growing up. Nothing like this, just a normal running session, but this is awesome."

The runs first started in 2013 and were instigated by Melbourne's Angus Brayshaw.

In a previous interview with The West Australian, Andrew explained how the tradition started.

“It started a couple of years ago. Angus and Hamish just went down and set up 100m of cones,” Andrew told The West.

“The idea behind it Angus said was that your opponents are just eating a big Christmas lunch and chilling out while you can go out there and get a little bit more fit.

“You’ve got 35 seconds to get there – so if you run it in 20 seconds, you’ve got 15 seconds off. Every 35 seconds you turn around and go again.”

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