Students from Fremantle’s Sport, Business and Leadership Program were given the opportunity to dive into the Exercise and Sport Science industry when they attended Curtin University on Friday 20 May for a hands-on learning session.
Partnering with the Purple Hands Foundation and SEDA Group (SEDA), the one-year dual Diploma program is designed to give students coming out of year 12 the opportunity to study in a practical, hands-on learning environment, and gain real experience in the sports industry working alongside the Fremantle Dockers.

For those that are interested in the dual Diploma, Fremantle will be hosting an information session on Monday 20 June. Register now using the button below!

On the day, students were given an insight into the Biomechanics and physiology labs through an interactive learning session with Curtin University representatives.

With access to 3-Dimensional reconstruction cameras, VO2 Max testing, force plates and more, program teacher Liam Thompson said the morning was extremely important for the development of the students.
“We split the group in half and half of them went and did some VO2 Max testing with one of the students on a bike, while the other half went into the motion analysis lab and did some testing on biomechanics and load,” Thompson said.

“The students were able to have a look at different sports and where the different loads go through the body. It was really interesting for them to get a look at that in-depth.
“It’s extremely important for their development, a lot of the students are obviously looking at taking up something in sport and it opens their mind to a different pathway.”

Thompson also spoke about how fortunate the program is to have access to the benefits of Fremantle’s ongoing partnership with Curtin University.
“With the partnership with Fremantle and Curtin, we’re really fortunate to get this opportunity for students to come out to the University and have a look around, it’s fantastic,” Thompson said.

“They can get put through some testing and find out a little bit more information which enables them to make some decisions going forward whether that be next year or the year after.
“Although we don’t cover it as much in-depth, days like this allow those who are interested in these sorts of fields to still be provided with a basis of information through the program that they can take forward into future pathway decisions.”

Fremantle Dockers Football Club provides marketing and promotional services on behalf of the Purple Hands Foundation and SEDA Group* relating to the recruitment of prospective students for this program. SEDA Group (RTO 22503) is responsible for the training and assessment and the issuance of AQF certification documents. Document information accurate as May 2022.