We've made it to the last of the three bye rounds this season with the final six teams to have their mid-season rest this weekend.

As we've done the past two weeks, AFL.com.au has taken a look at some key statistics from the first 13 rounds from clubs not playing this weekend.

This week it's Brisbane, Collingwood, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Melbourne and North Melbourne.

Let's start with the new competition leaders.

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Goal per Inside 50% 25.1% #1 26.8% #1
Up in 2022 Scores from Turnover Diff. +10.3 #5 +19.2 #1
  Contested Possession Diff. +4.5 #5 +8.9 #3

Just like it was last year, Brisbane is again the most potent scoring team in the competition. Despite having Joe Daniher, Eric Hipwood and Dan McStay play together just once, the Lions are again ranked No.1 for goals per inside 50, converting on almost 27 per cent of their entries. They are also the best team from turnover differential, scoring just over three goals more each match than their opponents from that source. And led by 2020 Brownlow medallist Lachie Neale, Brisbane is also the third best team at contested possession differential.

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Pressure Factor 1.78 #14 1.84 #4
  Score per Inside 50 % 42.1% #14 41.6% #15
Up in 2022 Time in Fwd Half Diff. -3:55 #14 +6:11 #4

One of the competition's big improvers under new coach Craig McRae, the Magpies have improved in a couple of critical areas. Most notably it's their pressure, and what we see with the eye is backed up by statistics. Collingwood is ranked fourth for Champion Data's Pressure Factor, a dramatic rise from last year's ranking of 14th. Although the Pies are no more efficient at scoring inside 50 than they were last year, they are camping in the front half of the ground – ranked fourth for time in forward half differential – to provide enough repeat chances to help them to an 8-5 record and eighth spot after round 13.

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Score per Inside 50 % Agst. 44.7% #16 37.5% #1
Up in 2022 Scores from Turnover Diff. -13.8 #18 +16.2 #3
  Pressure Factor 1.72 #17 1.87 #1

Like Collingwood, the Dockers have been one of the League's great stories this season, with statistics showing they have improved dramatically in a host of key areas. They are the competition's best pressure team, a remarkable rise from 17th in the same category last year. Led by backline general Alex Pearce, they are now also the most difficult team to score against once the opposition takes the ball inside its forward 50. In 2021, Fremantle was the third easiest team to score against in that category. And to round out the rapid rise, its scores from turnover differential has gone from dead last to third in the space of 12 months. It's no wonder Justin Longmuir's team is just percentage off the competition lead.

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Contested Possession Diff. -6.9 #14 -11.5 #16
Up in 2022 Score per Inside 50 % 40.5% #16 47.5% #1
Down in 2022 Inside 50 Diff. -5.7 #15 -11.2 #16

It's been a real rollercoaster in Sam Mitchell's first season in charge as the Hawks have beaten some top-shelf teams (Geelong and Brisbane), pushed others to the brink (Carlton, Collingwood and Fremantle) and occasionally fallen flat between times (Essendon and Gold Coast). With the emergence of key forward Mitch Lewis (27 goals) leading the way Hawthorn has been the most efficient team going inside its forward 50, scoring on almost half the occasions it does. However, the primary problem remains lack of supply, losing the inside 50 differential by 11 per game, which is the third worst in the competition. Perhaps one reason for that struggle is a further drop off in the contested ball, as they've slipped from 14th in 2021 to 16th in 2022 in that category.

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Inside 50 Diff. +5.5 #4 +10.5 #1
  Goal per Inside 50% 22.1% #12 21.1% #15
Down in 2022 Pressure Factor 1.86 #3 1.75 #16

The reigning premier looked invincible during the early part of the season, winning 10 straight games before a Steven May concussion against Fremantle started a dramatic three-game losing streak. The Demons are the kings for giving their forwards chances while protecting their defence, winning the inside 50 battle by more than 10 per game. However, one statistic should be setting off alarm bells in Simon Goodwin's office. After being the third ranked team for Pressure Factor in 2021, Melbourne has plummeted all the way to 16th this season. 

  Category 2021 Avg. Rank 2022 Avg. Rank
Key 2022 Stat Pressure Factor 1.77 #15 1.75 #16
  Inside 50 Diff. -7.5 #18 -20.9 #18
  Score per Inside 50 % 39.2% #18 36.4% #18

There's not been a lot to get excited about for Kangaroos fans in 2022 and a statistical evaluation won't put smiles on too many faces either. Just like last year, North Melbourne has the worst inside 50 differential in the competition, but its drop-off has been stark. Last year it was generating 7.5 fewer opportunities inside 50 than its opponents, whereas this year that gap has cratered to almost 21 per game. And once the ball gets into an attacking zone, the efficiency is not there either, still ranked last for scores per inside 50.