Fremantle defender Jess Low feels she still has plenty of room to improve despite being Fremantle’s best in a disappointing practice match loss to Richmond at Rushton Park on Saturday.

With the ball down Richmond’s end for most of the 63-point loss, Low was kept busy off half back for three quarters before being moved into the midfield.

Season 7 will be her third season after being drafted at no.52 in 2021, and she highlighted one moment she would like to take back where she gave away a Richmond free kick in front of goal.

“Today was a bit up and down. I thought I was able to compete well but I just had to switch on a little bit more, I found mentally I was treating it like a pre-season game,” Low said.

“There was one moment where I was just dribbling it back through for a rushed behind and it was given insufficient intent. Normally I would be like ‘they get no score at all’ and keep it in.

“Next week we’ll switch on earlier and be really ruthless and try and win that game and win every contest in the back six.

“In the midfield it’s about being first to the ball and the forwards didn’t have the best day because there wasn’t a lot of supply to them. Hopefully we can get the ball to them a bit more and they can work together and we’ll get some more goals on the board.”

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'We'll take a lot of learnings out of it' | Jess Low

Jess Low speaks about Fremantle's first pre-season practice match against Richmond.

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Low said she enjoyed her time in the midfield and would be prepared to go into the engine room if needed.

“Trent said it was a chance going into the game. I had a bit of run in the midfield and got some different looks there,” Low said.

“I was ready for it and had it in the back of my mind to just keep running all day.

“Sometimes when we lose midfield players I end up having a run through and it’s always nice to work together. All the girls are really good at directing me. I’ve had Webby (Bianca Webb) and Nikki Gore helping me prepare for if it does happen.”

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'It was disappointing in a lot of aspects' | Trent Cooper

Trent Cooper discusses Fremantle's first pre-season hit out against Richmond.

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