It’s every golfers dream to hit a hole in one.

And Joel Hamling did exactly that on Wednesday at Glen Iris Golf Course before Ed Langdon somehow outdid him by creating history at Point Walter Golf Course.

At Glen Iris playing with a group of Freo teammates, Hamling hit an ace on the 140m par-three 12th

But Langdon stole the day with a miracle shot at Point Walter.

Wielding a driver, Langdon crushed his tee-shot down the 292m par-four eighth hole.

“It was about a 300 metre par-four and I just flushed it,” Langdon said. 

“I felt it was on a good line, when we got up to the green we were having a look around and we couldn’t find it.

“I was feeling really flat as I couldn’t figure out where it went.

“Then one of the guys I was playing with had a look in the hole and it was in there. It was pretty exciting stuff.

“To be honest, I was just having a bit of a whack and seeing how it went, I just hit it as hard as I could.”

Hamling couldn’t believe the news when he heard that he was outdone by Langdon.

“Really? Which hole was it? On the eighth? How far did he drive it? He’s playing us surely,” said Hamling in disbelief. 

“Nah, I don’t mind that at all! It’s pretty cool.”

They were the first hole-in-ones for both Hamling and Langdon. 

While Langdon felt he played ‘pretty terribly’ outside of his ace, Hamling was pleased with his day out.

“I think I had my best score for a while,” Hamling said. 

“It was on the 12th, I had a 9-iron and went back into my bag and got a 7-iron. I hit a slight fade and it took one bounce and went in.

“There were about eight blokes there around us. I was with Taylin (Duman), Brandon (Matera), Coxy (Brennan Cox), Shane (Kersten), Trav (Colyer), they all ran over when it went in.”

Point Walter centre manager Clarke Osborne verified that Langdon’s ace was legitimate and said it was the first hole in one on that hole in the course’s history. 

“When I heard there was a hole in one of the eighth and I went ‘wow’ and then we found out it was Ed Langdon from the Dockers. It was amazing,” Osborne said.

“It was verified by the group playing with Ed and it was also witnessed by the group in front as well, so it’s as legit as it could possibly be.

“The eighth hole is drivable if you take it over the trees on the left. Ed’s a big hitter so it’s definitely achievable for someone like him.

“It’s ridiculous (that Joel also had a hole in one). You definitely would have to back Freo this weekend. It’s Mundy’s’s going to be a 100-point win or something based on this luck, that’s unbelievable. Incredible.”