The 2023 AFLW Trade period saw Fremantle sign three new players, including former number one draft pick Gabby Newton.

The utility spoke to the Club and said she was excited the trade went through, even if took 11 Clubs coming together.

Newton tried her best to distract herself as she waited for the trade to get over the line.

“I’m so excited. It’s all sunk in since the trade’s gone through, so I’m extremely excited and happy,” Newton said.

“I tried not to think about it and kept myself pretty busy.

“Nicki Minaj’s new album came out, which was handy! I was just listening to that on repeat.

“It ended up being quite crazy in the end – I didn’t expect it to be finalised with 15 minutes left of the trade period, but my agent kept reassuring me it would all go through."


Having spent four seasons at the Western Bulldogs, Newton has existing relationships with Fremantle's AFLW Senior Coach Lisa Webb and Head of Leadership Bob Murphy.

“I met Bob at my first season at the Dogs and became really good friends with him,” Newton said.

“(Lisa) Webby was our Assistant Coach last season and I stayed in contact with both of them because they’re amazing people and I developed really good friendships with them.

“I feel very lucky and super excited to know that I have the support of these people.”

Having lived in Melbourne her entire life and never been out of home, it’s a mix of nerves and excitement for Newton.

“I’ve never lived out of home, so it’s crazy that I’m going to be out of home and moving across the country,” Newton said.

“I have a beautiful family and I’m very close with them. They’re going to come over (to Perth) and obviously we’ll play in Melbourne too.

“I’m mostly excited but definitely a bit nervous. It’s so out of my comfort zone, but it’s the challenge I need."


Newton is keen to reunite with another of Freo's trade recruits in Aisling McCarthy after they spent a season together at the Bulldogs.

“I played with Aish Mac (Aisling McCarthy) during my first season at the Dogs, so I’m really excited to be playing alongside her again,” Newton said.

Newton has also admired Fremantle players in Kiara Bowers, Emma O’Driscoll and Ange Stannett from afar.

“So many of the girls have reached out and I met quite a few of them over the past few weeks at the awards ceremonies,” Newton said.

“(There are) so many girls who I’ve played against and admired so much.

“Kiara Bowers is one, and she’s just an absolute beast as well.

“Emma O’Driscoll is someone I’m really looking forward to playing with.

“Ange Stannett seems like an absolute gem of a human being, so I’m really looking forward to playing with her.”

After swinging across a range of positions during her time at the Bulldogs, Newton hopes to get back to the midfield and forward line next season.

“I sort of chopped and changed a bit due to what we needed at the Dogs with so many injuries, so I feel like I’m experienced in any position that I need to play,” Newton said.

“I’d love to slot back into the midfield or the forward line. I feel like I can bring a bit of height and hopefully some goals.

“Hopefully I can connect really well with the team on-field and go from there.”

Newton took away some important lessons after missing Season 6 due to injury.

“I learned a lot more off-field and how important it is to look out for your teammates when they’re going through injuries and hard times like that,” Newton said.

“It also made me (appreciate) when I do get to play and am fully training, how important it is to make the most out of that time."

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