Fremantle players took part in their first full length intraclub match on Saturday morning, playing four 25 minute quarters.

Despite the 8am bounce-down, the temperature sat in the mid to high 30’s, with a fast-paced game providing testing conditions.

A dominant first quarter from the White team set up a 33-point lead as Purple failed to register a score with a light breeze behind them.


It began in the middle with White winning the majority of clearances and putting the ball inside attacking 50 quickly, giving forwards Luke Jackson, Matt Taberner, Michael Walters, Michael Frederick and Sam Switkowski a chance to create space on their opponents.

The game started with a loose ball gather from Frederick (White), who released a handball to Nat Fyfe running past. The dual Brownlow Medalist then slotted a goal on the run from 30 metres out.

The rest of the quarter followed in similar fashion with White’s forwards making the most of the midfield clearance work, with unanswered goals from Ethan Stanley, Frederick, Jackson and Fyfe.

Luke Jackson showed his versatility as the big man impacted across the ground, highlighted by a strong contested mark 30 metres out from goal which he had no problem going back and slotting.

The second term saw White extend their lead to 44 points through more tough clearance and stoppage work as Fyfe, Caleb Serong and Matthew Johnson got busy racking up disposals.

White’s ball movement and attack across the ground came predominately through the midfield though several key plays started in defence with captain Alex Pearce influential.

Liam Reidy competed hard in the ruck, allowing Fyfe and Will Brodie to win several clearances as they fed the ball by hand to teammates on the move.

Brodie provided a game highlight late in the first half as he accelerated away from stoppage on the attacking wing, breaking a tackle with a strong, stiff arm, before taking a bounce and releasing a handball to a teammate on the overlap resulting in an easy goal.

Unfortunately, Heath Chapman's game was cut short due to a hamstring injury, sustained in the first half.

The third term saw a momentum shift with a five-goal-to-one quarter in the favour of Purple, reducing the margin to 24-points heading into the final term.

Repeat forward 50 entries for Purple gave Jye Amiss and Josh Treacy multiple looks at goal and put the White defence under pressure as both key forwards hit the scoreboard.

In one centre clearance for Purple, Hayden Young burst from the pack and drilled a pass to Amiss’ chest for the opening goal of the third term.

Young then hit the scoreboard himself minutes later when Sam Sturt centred a ball from the pocket to the free-roaming former defender.

Jordan Clark’s pace was noticeable throughout the day but was highlighted when the young defender broke through a stoppage in the middle and sent a kick deep inside 50 where Amiss was able to convert a free kick to slot Purple’s third consecutive goal.

Clark later combined with Jeremy Sharp on the far wing, where Sharp utilised his speed to deliver the ball deep to Josh Treacy deep inside 50.

White reinserted themselves by kicking three early goals in the final term, including Frederick capitalising on a turnover to find Walters alone in the goalsquare.

Neil Erasmus continued to work hard for Purple right until the end with the midfielder breaking out of a contest to push Purple forward for the final shot on goal for the day.

0.0 2.3 7.4 7.7 (49)

5.3 9.5 10.10 16.12 (108)