AFLW senior coach Lisa Webb and players Gabby Newton and Aine Tighe recently headed up to Broome to visit local clubs, schools and community coaches.

They helped conduct junior and senior women’s training sessions, school clinics, coaching workshops, and took part in a Q&A session for the Broome community.

Webb said the trip was a fulfilling experience, aiming to educate and inspire women in footy.

“It was extremely rewarding,” Webb said.

“We had great turnouts to the events and the girls up there were super keen to understand the pathways now available to them in football.”

Webb said players Newton and Tighe were extremely impactful to the group of kids and women.

“Seeing the faces of the young kids at the school was so rewarding and I could see the impact that Gabby and Aine had on the kids,” Webb said.

“It’s exciting for the young women up in Broome to see Gabby and Aine, women in footy and sensational role models, and hopefully show them they can follow their dreams too.”

It was evident to Webb that interest in football was coming from all ages, not just the young up-and-comers.

“We had entire families come down and play some footy, demonstrating that massive community atmosphere up there,” Webb said.

“A big highlight for me was teaching a young girl at Auskick and then having her mum join in on the senior women’s game later on.

“It shows us it’s not just the four or five-year-olds we need to be thinking about, it’s also the 30-plus women that want to have a kick too.”

Webb said a standout factor for her was the eagerness to learn within the community, despite the large talent pool that already exists.

“There were really great numbers in representation and not only that, but their thirst to want to improve was something that really stood out for me,” Webb said.

“Their skills are sublime. It’s impressive to see what they can do already, yet they were continually seeking advice and asking questions.

“Some girls even played in the WAFLW and have since moved up to Broome, so it’s a great standard of footy up there.

“A lot of these kids look forward to the afternoons where they get to go to the oval, have a kick around and play some footy.”

Webb said she was keen to continue building relationships with the Broome community, with the help of Fremantle’s Regional Engagement Officer, Ben De Meo.

“Ben who works up there was also sensational throughout the trip,” Webb said.

“He has built great relationships with the Broome community and does a fantastic job at maintaining his connection with us in Perth as well.

“Any way we can impact their lives and show them what’s currently on offer through our relationships with them is something I’m keen to continue to explore.

“We all felt really lucky to be engaged in the programs up there and just be a part of it.”