Fremantle Dockers AFL Women’s Players Aine Tighe and Orlagh Lally recently paid a visit to the Australian Islamic College in Kewdale to announce the winner of the 'We Are Freo Design A Guernsey' competition.

The We Are Freo program aims to provide AFL football opportunities and pathways for students in schools across the state with high multicultural attendance. Geared towards students in Years 5 and 6, the program focuses on making AFL accessible by fostering an understanding of the game's key skills, rules, and terminology.

It also aims to cultivate a deeper connection to the Fremantle Dockers Club, its culture, players, and their stories. 

One of the highlights of the program is the 'Design a Guernsey Competition', where students delve into the history of Fremantle Dockers' iconic Guernseys and create their own designs representing their school's unique identity.

The star of the occasion was Eshal Hasan, a Year 6 student whose artistic prowess shone through and stood out among a pool of talented entries from across Perth, earning her school a full set of Guernseys adorned with her artwork.

Explaining her design choices, Eshal revealed that each element was chosen to represent facets close to her heart. 

"The drawing of the masjid represents my religion, Islam," Eshal shared.  

"The sun is an ancient symbol long associated with divine glory, sustenance of life, enthusiasm and innocence.

“Water represents fertility, creation, and growth, in various contexts of life I included it to show the lake next to my school. 

“I also really like flowers and I love drawing them, so I decided to add them to Guernsey.”

In addition to the school's prize, Eshal received a personalized Guernsey as a memento of her outstanding work. 

The Fremantle Dockers organisation continues to be a beacon of inclusivity and community spirit, championing initiatives like 'We Are Freo' that celebrate diversity and foster unity.  

For more updates on community engagements and initiatives by the Fremantle Dockers take a look at the Community hub on the website.