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Grateful for guidance

Luke McPharlin announced his retirement on Wednesday. Luke McPharlin has announced his retirement

Luke McPharlin’s illustrious 256-game career nearly never happened, if not, for his parents advice.

McPharlin announced on Wednesday he would hang up the boots after 16 AFL seasons and 256 games.

Luke McPharlin with his family at Fremantle Oval on Wednesday morning.

The 33-year old admitted, despite his abilities, he was not initially sure if he wanted to follow a career in AFL and nominate for the 1999 draft.

He did and Hawthorn drafted him with pick 10.
“I had lost a bit of interest in footy in my later years at high school,” McPharlin said.
“I had some other interests.
“I probably didn’t imagine, that I was good enough or wanted a career in AFL.

McPharlin calls it time

“It all came to a head just prior to my year 12 exams.
“I was pushed in a sense.
“There was a lot of interest about me, leading into that draft, although I hadn’t done much.”
McPharlin said his parents suggested he at least give football a go.
“Mum and dad were very supportive and encouraged me to look at it as an amazing opportunity not many people are afforded,” he said.
“From that point of view, I’m so grateful I did finally commit and put myself in the draft.
“16 years later, it’s been the most incredible journey and I’ve met some amazing people.
“I’m so grateful my parents and the people around me guided me to at least have a go at it, and see what it will become.”

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