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Gallery: Thursday beach session

Alex Pearce getting some sun at Cottesloe Beach. - Fremantle,Fremantle Dockers
Alex Pearce getting some sun at Cottesloe Beach.

Matt Taberner and Sean Darcy

Ed Langdon

Bailey Banfield

Luke Valente

Nathan Wilson

Ryan Nyhuis

Stefan Giro and Sam Switkowski

Brennan Cox, Connor Blakely, Nat Fyfe and Hayden Ballantyne

Reece Conca, Adam Cerra, Alex Pearce and Taylin Duman

Alex Pearce

Griffin Logue

Travis Colyer

Nat Fyfe and Stephen Hill

Tobe Watson, Jesse Hogan and Stefan Giro

Sean Darcy

Ryan Nyhuis

Brandon Matera

Bradley Hill

Jesse Hogan and Hayden Ballantyne

Nat Fyfe and Rory Lobb

Bailey Banfield and Travis Colyer

Sam Switkowski

Sam Sturt

Michael Walters and Brennan Cox

Rory Lobb

Griffin Logue

Taylin Duman and Scott Jones

Reece Conca

Connor Blakely and Cam McCarthy

Nat Fyfe, Luke Valente, Adam Cerra and Hugh Dixon

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