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Five key stats v West Coast

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Fremantle take on West Coast at Optus Stadium on Saturday night in the RAC Derby.

Here are some interesting numbers to look out for ahead of the game.

9.3 inside 50 targets
Matt Taberner has been Fremantle’s primary target inside 50 this season, with Fremantle kicking to the key forward an average of 9.3 times per game. Cam McCarthy is Fremantle’s second primary target inside 50 with an average of 6.3 per game.
For West Coast, Jack Darling (8.7 per game) narrowly leads Josh Kennedy (8.5 per game) as an inside 50 target.

31 intercepts
Led by Jeremy McGovern and Shannon Hurn, West Coast boasts arguably the best intercepting defences in the competition.
That said, Fremantle’s backline currently has the AFL’s top-two intercept players so far this season.
After three rounds, Alex Pearce leads the league with a total of 31 intercepts followed by Luke Ryan in second with 29. McGovern isn’t far behind with 26 while Hurn has 22.

17 effective spoils
Spoiler alert, Freo’s and West Coast’s defences have two of the best ‘spoilers’ in the league this season.
Joel Hamling and West Coast’s Tom Barrass rank equal second in the AFL for effective spoils with 17 each. 

29 inside 50s + rebound 50s
Want to know who the games primary ball movers are? A good indicator is adding together a player’s inside 50s and their rebound 50s.
Ed Langdon leads Freo so far in 2019 with 29 (14 inside 50s and 15 rebound 50s).
Luke Shuey just edges out Langdon in this stat with 30 (24 inside 50s + 6 rebound 50s).

-5 free kick differential
Both Freo and Eagles enter this game with a 2-1 record and, coincidentally, the same free kick differential.
Neither team have had the overall favour of the umpires with both teams giving away five more free kicks than they have been awarded.

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