A WAFL Women's State Team has been announced for Saturday's WAFLW state game against Queensland at Steel Blue Oval.

The team includes Freo's Jasmin Strewart and Lindal Rohde.

Fremantle drafted Stewart in 2018 and she has starred so far for Claremont in the WAFLW season.

Freo picked up Sucbico's Rohde as a rookie in June, with the athletic winger impressing with the Lions.

Freo assistant coach Lisa Webb will also be involed in the game as an assistant coach of the WAFLW team.

The fixture will be played on Saturday July 20 at 1.30pm. Entry for spectators is free.

Beau McDonald, who coached the WA U18s in last month’s AFLW National Championships, will be at the helm for the WAFLW side supported by assistant coaches Lauren Stammers, Andrew Di Loreto and Webb.

1 Emily McGuire SDFC
2 Ashlee Sidebottm PTFC
3 Lara Rodin-Zimdahl SFFC/CFC
4 Jasmin Stewart CFC
5 Julie-Anne Norrish EFFC
7 Brooke Whyte WPFC/CFC
9 Imahra Cameron PFC/SDFC
10 Lindal Rohde SFC
11 Amber Goodwin-Wissink CFC
12 Ashton Hill WPFC/EFFC
13 Abby Barnden PTFC
14 Sonia Dorizzi PTFC
16 Katrina Tinson EFFC
17 Lauren Osborne SDFC
18 Taylor Ferguson SDFC
19 Sarah Garstone CFC
20 Ann McMahon WPFC/EFFC
21 Jayme Harken SFC
22 Caitlin Walker SFC
24 Sharon Wong EFFC
25 Claire Ortlep SFFC
26 Isabella Zadnik CFC
EMG Dana Chatman PFC