Fremantle take on the Swans on Saturday night at Optus Stadium.

Here are some interesting numbers to look out for.

85.7 per cent centre bounce attendance
Nat Fyfe’s absence due to injury against the Swans means Fremantle need to fill his role in the middle, with Fyfe attending 85.7 per cent of centre bounces when playing this season.
In Wednesday’s media conference, senior coach Ross Lyon agreed with a suggestion that mid/defender Connor Blakely (6.4 per cent centre bounce attendance) could spend more time in the middle.
Other potential names to build their midfield time include Andrew Brayshaw (24.7 per cent), Darcy Tucker (14.1) and Adam Cerra (2.6).

PlayerMatchesCentre Bounce presentCentre Bounce absentCB present %

45.1 rebound 50s
Sydney are the leading club in the AFL for rebound 50s, averaging 45.1 per game while Freo rank seventh with an average of 40.2 per game. Jake Lloyd (7.1 per game) and Dane Rampe (6.9 per game) lead the Swans while Nathan Wilson (6.3 per game) and Luke Ryan (5.4 per game) lead Freo.

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20.6 frees against
Sydney have given away the second-most free kicks this season, averaging 20.6 per game, compared to Fremantle’s average of 17.8 (13th in AFL). Sydney earn slightly more free kicks per game than Freo with 18.5 per game compared to Freo’s 17.9.

56.8 per cent scoring accuracy
Fremantle and Sydney are running at almost the exact same scoring accuracy this season. Freo have kicked 168.128 in 2019, running at 56.8 per cent, while the Swans have kicked 178.136, running at 56.7 per cent.

60.1 per cent play on from kick-ins
Fremantle are less likely than Sydney to take advantage of the new rules and play on from the kick-in, playing on 60.1 per cent of the time compared to 84.2 per cent for Sydney. Despite this, Fremantle are slightly less likely to turn the ball over from a kick-in.
The direction taken at the kick-in also differs. Fremantle have a relatively even spread while Sydney are significantly less likely to go left at the kick-in and more likely to go through the corridor.

ClubKick insPlay on %Turnover %Left %Centre %Right %
Sydney 19684.2%19.4%17.9%42.9%39.3%