Michael Walters has stood up for the second week in a row to kick the winner for Fremantle in a four-point victory over Collingwood at the MCG on Saturday.

With under a minute left of the game Walters marked and goaled to put Freo in the lead only a week after Sonny also converted a behind after the final siren to down the Lions by a point.

But Sonny believes while many will focus on his clutch goal, it took a full team effort to get Freo over the line.

“It feels unreal…but I’m not going to take all the credit for that last kick,” Walters said.

“It’s a credit to the whole team and it was a whole team approach today.

“Everyone played well and a lot of players stood up, the young boys and all the leaders stood up which is the main thing.”

Walters praised his teammates for their determination on the road and said shutting down the run in Collingwood’s midfield was a focus throughout the week. 

“We want to be an anywhere, anytime, anyone team and there’s no better stage to do it on than the MCG,” Walters said.

“It’s great to come across here and get a win like that against an unreal team like the Pies.

“They are a quality outfit and we knew we had to start fast against them.

“Our main focus was to negate their midfield and I thought we did that.”

Walters is one of only two players averaging 20 disposals and 1.5 goals this year, with the other being Geelong’s Gary Ablett.

His consistent performances this year and proven ability to perform under pressure held him in good stead as he was lining up for his final kick of the game against the Magpies.

While fellow speedster Bradley Hill was on the bench as Walters was lining up for last week’s final siren shot on goal, Hill made sure to get over to his teammate this time around before taking his kick.

“Hilly came across to me and said ‘take your time, drop the shot clock and go back and kick it,” Walters said.

“Under pressure I know that my routine stands up.

“We’ve been inconsistent in kicking goals this year, but we are paid to come out here and play well and kick goals.

“I went through my routine and lucky enough it paid off for me.”