David Mundy is ready to go again in 2020 with the 34-year-old signing a one-year contract extension. 

The veteran midfielder continued to be one of the team’s biggest contributors through the middle in 2019 and has played all 22 home and away games in each of the past two seasons.

Mundy sits on 316 career games and is hungry to keep delivering at AFL level.

“I’ve been thinking about (re-signing) fairly seriously throughout the entire year - gauging my mental desire, physical abilities and how much I was still contributing to the team,” Mundy said. 

“In my discussions with my management and family, we agreed we’re always keen to go on as long as I’m valuable on field.”

Mundy is currently the only Freo Docker on the list older than 30 years of age, with his leadership and experience set to continue to be crucial in 2020.

He said he was looking forward to continuing his work with the emerging playing group. 

“I think we’ve got a really great core of young guys coming through who are really dedicated to their craft and want to get as good as they can really quickly, which is great,” Mundy said.

“Obviously (the departures of) Aaron Sandilands and Hayden Ballantyne leave a huge void in terms of leadership and also performance, so that is going to be a challenge for the next generation. 

“I think we’re on a really great growth curve. We saw some really good improvement this year and I think we’re on the right track.

“We’ll obviously get (a new senior coach) into the club, which will refresh things and provide us with a slightly new direction. With the core group of players that we’ve got, we’ll go ok.”

Fremantle list manager Mark Micallef said that he expects Mundy to continue to be a vital player for the club in 2020.

“David has contributed an incredible amount to this football club and we think a one-year contract extension was warranted considering his performance this year,” Micallef said.

“He’s our most experienced player and in 2020, we’re confident he will continue to impart all of his wisdom and experience on a growing playing group.”