Fourteen Fremantle-listed players were in action in Peel’s 42-point win against Perth on Saturday at Lathlain Park.

An additional two Fremantle-listed players played for Peel in the reserves.

Senior development coach Marc Webb runs through how they fared.

Bailey Banfield
Played on ball for the game. It was a good performance where Bailey had 25 kicks, eight clearances and nine inside 50s. His pressure around the contest was a big factor that helped give Peel control around the clearance. 

Ryan Nyhuis
layed back for the game, where he tallied 21 kicks and eight marks. Ryan rolled off and supported the defence strongly and his tackle and one-on-one work was really important in the game.

Lachie Schultz
Played forward for the game, where he ended up with 18 possessions and a goal. Lachie’s work rate was really high as he got back to support the defence. He also was able to release hard forward and have an impact there.

Tom North
Played on ball for the game. Tom had five clearances and was able to go forward and kick 1.1. He was clean around the contest. 

Adam Cerra
Played on ball for the game. Adam was coming back from illness and he worked his way into the game, where he played some solid football in the second half. He was clean in the wet conditions and his ball use was strong.

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Mitch Crowden
Played on ball for the game, where his pressure and tackling was really strong. Mitch had great clearance work and totalled eight for the game. He gave Peel some good use from the middle of the ground. 

Tobe Watson
Played at half back. Once again, Tobe helped set Peel up with some roll-off marking and he was good in one-on-one contests.

Hayden Ballantyne
Played forward for the game. Hayden played higher up the ground this week, he released well from the contest and got himself into some good positions. He finished up with two goals from seven marks.

Sam Sturt
Had his first game back from injury where he played on the wing and forward. Sam took his opportunities to push forward where he had a couple shots on goal. He was also able to get back and help out the defence and run through the lines in a good return.

Cam McCarthy
Played forward for the game. Cam’s work rate was strong, he gave Peel a focal point on the switch and as an outlet. He crumbed and got back into the forward line well and had four shots on goal.

Hugh Dixon
Played in defence and as a back-up ruck for the game. It was a good opportunity for Hugh and he put in a good effort down back. He impressed with his one-on-one effort and he also competed well and followed up in the ruck.

Jason Carter
Played at half back but was restricted late in the game with a cork. Jason was good in his one-on-one contests and he was able to roll off well and spoil.

Scott Jones
Played in the ruck for the majority of the game and ended up with 30 hitouts. Scott competed well and his follow-up continues to improve. He also had two clearances and kicked an important goal in the third quarter.

Harley Bennell
Harley started the game well but unfortunately was injured.

Luke Valente
Had 19 possessions in the reserves in his comeback from injury. It was a good first hitout for him where his clearance work and his ball use was good.

Dillon O’Reilly
Played his first game for Peel in the reserves. Dylan played down back for the game and he showed good signs in his one-on-one contest. He looked to run off, create and overlap and he got through the game unscathed.