Fremantle general manager of player management Brad Lloyd says the club secured the good mix of players it was searching for in this week’s drafts.
On Friday, the club picked up key position players NEAFL players Matthew Uebergang (pick 16) and Ryan Nyhuis (pick 34) in the 2015 NAB Rookie Draft.
The club also re-drafted Anthony Morabito and Josh Deluca with picks 50 and 60.

Rookie Draft: Pick 16 - Matthew Uebergang
Lloyd said both Uebergang, from Queensland, and Nyhuis, from the Northern Territory, were promising additions.
“Matthew is a really good sized player,” Lloyd said.
“We’ve seen him play forward in previous years but this year he played a really good role for Redlands down back.
“At 194cm, we like his pace off the mark and his agility, plus he uses the ball nicely.
“Ryan played predominantly for NT Thunder.
“He is a really good sized backman, a really good athlete with his agility and balance.”

Rookie Draft: Pick 34 - Ryan Nyhuis
Lloyd said Fremantle was pleased to re-draft Morabito and Deluca, who were delisted at the end of the season.
“We look forward to welcoming them back onto the playing list,” he said.
Lloyd said the rookie list had played an important part in the club historically, with rookie drafted players such as Alex Silvagni and Michael Barlow pushing into the AFL side.

“The rookie list is a big part of building our list,” he said.
The club drafted Darcy Tucker (pick 27), Harley Balic (38), Sam Collins (55) and Shane Yarran (61) in Tuesday’s 2015 NAB AFL Draft.
“We’re really excited about our mix,” Lloyd said.
“(Getting) Darcy Tucker and Harley Balic with our early selections was a real plus.

NAB AFL Draft Wrap: Fremantle
“We see Sam Collins coming in as a key defender and mature player.
“Yarran we’ve seen really electrify things at Subiaco and he is a real strong goal kicker.
“From a list management point of view, we feel we’ve really added through the midfield, a couple of tall boys and some goal-kickers.”