More than 2000 passionate Fremantle members, fans and their families were treated to a day out with their favourite Freo players at this year’s Festive Footy Fun event at Victor George Kailis Oval on Saturday afternoon. 

Festivities included autograph signings, inflatable slides, face painting, handball games, kick-to-kick and a whole lot more for kids and parents alike to enjoy.

Midfielder Reece Conca relished the day out with the Freo community. 

“We love this stuff, it’s always good to give back to the community and lots of kids are down here which is great to see,” Conca said.

“There’s a lot more interaction with the community these days, which I think is really important for the fans and for the members.

“It’s a chance for them to get a little more interactive with the players and the club they love.

“At the end of the day that is what we are all about, building the community.”

AFLW recruit Emma O’Driscoll has only been at the club for two months, but she said the event had been a standout in her time at Freo so far.

“It’s incredible I love it…I’m in my element here, I want to be doing this all the time,” O’Driscoll said.

“The boys have been a really great support, so I think it’s been fantastic.

“My brothers have gone to plenty of footy clinics when they were younger, and I just think it’s incredible that girls can do it now, too.

“There’s plenty of young girls down here at the moment and I love it.” 

Rory Lobb

It wasn’t just the members and fans who took something special away from the event. 

O’Driscoll believes it was a chance to shine as role models to young Freo fans.

“I think it’s inspiring as well; it makes me want to be one of those role models like Fyfey, and like Ebony Antonio and Kiara Bowers,” O’Driscoll said. 

“Hopefully, I’ll get to that level one day but the kids are really enjoying it, so I think that’s really important.” 

Undoubtedly it was the players who were the main drawcard of the event, with both the men’s and women’s team drawing plenty of attention from young adoring fans.

While crowds flocked around skipper Nat Fyfe throughout most of the afternoon, Conca said it was his younger teammates who also left a lasting impression. 

“We’ve got some pretty noticeable characters out here, of course there’s Nat and Dave Mundy,” Conca said.

“But a few of the young upcoming stars like Andy Brayshaw, Adam Cerra and Sean Darcy have been pretty busy today.

“There’s a lot of smiles on kids’ faces, which is what it’s all about.”

AFLW girls

Prior to the festivities, Fremantle’s men and women’s team joined forces in a Saturday afternoon training session filled with games and bonding activities. 

Conca and O’Driscoll said the chance to train as one club created a special feeling amongst the entire Freo playing group.

“The girls are fantastic; their competition is growing every year and we’ve got a really strong club here,” Conca said.

“The girls had a lot of success last year, it was a great opportunity for us to get out there and train with them and get everyone involved. 

 “That was so great, I want to be able to do it every week, it was amazing,” O’Driscoll said.

“Having their coaching staff and our coaching staff blending out there at training really just shows that we are one club.”