Michael Walters is embracing the idea of a summer of football, should that be required for the AFL to complete the season, in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis.

The All Australian forward is all set up in isolation and ready to do everything he can to ensure he’s ready to play football at any time this year

While that means keeping fit in a football sense, he also believes it is just as important to do so while complying to government requirements and setting a good example to his family.

“I think (playing football in summer) is a great idea,” Walters told 6PR.

“There’s no doubt that the whole wider community in general wants to see footy come back and have some games in the not too distant future.

“We’ve been working our backsides off throughout the whole pre-season and to only get to play one game was quite disappointing.

“We do understand the severity of this virus and we stopped playing from (round one). I’d love to be back playing footy as soon as I can.”


Walters said he’s hasn’t been working out alone while in isolation.

“My training has been different, I’ve set up my gym in my garage and me and the wife, Marni, has been out there along with the kids - pumping a bit of weights and trying to keep fit,” Walters said.

“Stephen Hill has come over for a few sessions. Along with self-isolation, we’re trying to keep our distance as much as we can and it’s always important to wipe down our machines after we’ve finished using it.”

Walters said he’s been having plenty of family conversations with his three daughters about the virus, especially his eight-year-old Laila and six-year-old Addison.

“My eight year old, she’s in year three so she does understand what’s going on. She watches the news with us and there’s some kids across the road who are pretty well educated as well,” Walters said.

“School has educated them and let them know what is going on currently, but me and my wife Marni are home-schooling them as well.

“We’re trying to reinforce hygiene and stuff like that because everyone is going through a tough time at this present time and its important that we stay clean.”

With limited sport to follow, Walters said he’s getting his fix on Netflix.

“I’ve been watching QB1 on Netflix. It follows a quarterback in highschool (playing American football) and I think there’s about three or four seasons in it,” Walters said.

“That’s something that I’m bingeing. I recommend everyone getting on board with that as it’s pretty good!”