The club is pleased to advise the following changes to its constitution, which were approved by the WA Football Commission following a period of review by the Fremantle board and which also took into account feedback from previous member-elected nominees.

The two positions for member-elected directors will now be three-year terms rather than the current two-year terms.

Both member-elected positions on the club’s board will also come up for election in the same year, rather than alternate years as has been the case up until now.

This enables suitably qualified candidates for a member-elected director to seek one of two positions every three years as opposed to one position every alternate year, which, based on the feedback the club has received, is more attractive to prospective candidates.

To enable this change to proceed the first joint election for two member-elected directors will be held at the end of the 2019 season, where both positions for member-elected directors will be open for candidates to nominate for.

Peter Mann is the sole current member-elected director, with Peter Bell standing down as the other member-elected director after his recent appointment as Fremantle’s general manager of football.

The WAFC has given its approval for Bell’s position on the nine-member board to be filled next year under the new guidelines for electing member-elected directors outlined above, with Mann’s term set to expire on 30 November, 2019.

Fremantle president Dale Alcock said he expected the changes to encourage increased participation by members in both the nomination and voting process.

“The changes will streamline the process for voting in member-elected directors and provide greater opportunity for potential candidates with positions for both member-elected directors being held at the same time,” Alcock said.

“Under the current system, where only one director’s position is available each alternate year, if there is one standout candidate often the nominations generally drop away and the person is elected unopposed.

“The new procedure for voting in member-elected directors not only provides potential candidates with greater opportunity to secure a seat on the club’s board, it will also allow successful candidates to serve longer terms before seeking re-election at the end of their three-year term.

“It is also important to note that these changes resulted from a period of consultation and review by the board, which took into account feedback and suggestions from members who have previously sought nomination as member-elected directors.”