I’ve probably seen David Mundy’s goal after the siren a hundred times in the three years since Fremantle’s epic win against Richmond at the MCG on 14 May, 2017.

The one time I didn’t see it was live on the day, even though I was one of the lucky people at the MCG.

Instead, I was in the players' race and had my phone fixated on travelling emergency Nick Suban’s reaction to Mundy’s kick – such is the life of a club media team member.

And as a member of the media team, I know I’m guilty for milking Mundy’s goal for all it’s worth.

Along with many Freo fans, I can probably quote Eddie McGuire’s brilliant commentary of the situation word for word…starting with the ‘here we go, last roll of the dice’ as the ball was bounced with Fremantle trailing by four points with 20 seconds to go.

Instead of reposting Mundy’s goal again, here’s what it was like for a comms team member at an away game during one of Fremantle’s best wins in recent memory.

For a home game, we could have up to six club digital content staff at the ground.

For an away game, as far as content production goes, you’re it.

Back in Perth, three others will get together at the office for the game, eat snacks, get takeaway and work off the broadcast.

While the aftermath was all about Mundy and his goal, pre-game was all about two things - Lachie Neale’s 100th game and it was Mother’s Day.

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Lachie Neale's 100th game | Snapchat Story

The Snapchat story from Lachie Neale's 100th game against the Tigers in 2017.

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Looking back through the gallery on my phone, it’s shocking how much Lachie Neale is in in there from that day.

Lachie Neale getting off the team bus – tick
Lachie Neale reading the record in the changerooms – tick
Lachie Neale walking out onto the MCG – tick
Lachie Neale kicking a footy on the MCG – tick
Lachie Neale doing tricks with Cam McCarthy - tick
Lachie Neale getting his jumper presented to him by Nat Fyfe – tick
Lachie Neale with his mum in the changerooms – double tick
Lachie Neale running through the banner - tick

As soon as the players get through the banner, the race is on to get up to the MCG media centre and online to tweet the opening bounce.

Up on the third floor in the area for written journalists, it’s a who’s who of football.

And me, for some reason.

Generally you try to sit as far away from the opposition media team members, just so they’re not subjected to whatever you blurt out during the game.

There’s an unwritten rule that’s there’s no cheering in the media box, but it’s a rule that’s so hard to follow.

Especially during this game.

The lead changed places six times up to half time, with neither team getting beyond a 10-point margin.

Freo were up by five at the half, and had a four goal to none third term to lead by 30 points at three quarter time.

Losing when you’re up by five goals at three-quarter time doesn’t happen much - it’s only happened once before in Fremantle’s history (let’s not go into it).

But Richmond put on a clinic on how to deliver a comeback quarter. They won virtually every clearance and dominated the inside 50 count.

It started with an instant goal through Daniel Rioli, then two more from Jack Riewoldt and Josh Caddy. At that point, the Tigers had eight inside 50s to none for the term.

Our comfortable 30-point margin was now a far less comfortable 10 points.

With six minutes to go, I pack up the laptop and head back to the ground. If Freo hold on and win, I need to be there for the post-game celebrations.

I text Erin back in Perth and ask her to take over on twitter.

Before I get to the lift on the third floor, I hear a roar.

It was unmistakably a Tiger Army roar. Riewoldt had just goaled from outside 50.

Tigers were within a kick.

Down the lift. I find myself wondering how soundproof it was. Would you hear the roar if there was another goal?

Then it’s into the basement, sprint to the players’ race and see the scoreboard. Freo are still up by two. Phew.

Then at the other end of the ground, Brandon Ellis gathers and goals. Tigers by four.

The clock at the ground reads 28 minutes. Word filters around from the fans that there are 20 seconds to play.

When you’re in the race, you have no idea what’s happening. Packed along the fence was Suban, about five of our medical staff as well as MCG staff and a Fox Footy camera zeroed in on the Fremantle cheer squad just to our right.

At this point, the inside 50 count for the quarter is 18 to three.

Since I could hardly see, so Eddie can take it from here.

Here we go, last roll of the dice.

Sandilands trys to…here we go, Lachie Neale from centre half forward.

Needs a mark and he’s got it! Mundy! He’s got a kick after the siren. What drama at the MCG!

David Mundy, the siren’s gone. He needs to kick a goal…after 120 minutes of bone-crushing football, it comes down to one kick.

David Mundy, the 259-game veteran of the Dockers, the former captain comes in, the kick is on its way…he’s kicked a goal and Fremantle win it after the siren!

What a game of football at the MCG.

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Barlow's Classic Moments | Mundy sinks the Tigers TWICE

Michael Barlow is seeing double as we go to the split screen special to see Dave Mundy defeat the Tigers twice in three years. What a moment this is..

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At this point, I’m hugging Nick Suban. Keep in mind I was just months into my job and he’s probably thinking, ‘who the hell is this guy?’

It was my most awkward after the siren moment since watching Jeff Farmer’s goal against Melbourne in 2002. I was at boarding school at the time and happened to be at Subi sitting next to the principal of our school, who was a massive Demons fan. One second I was jumping on the seat, next second I’m back down and behaving myself.

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Fremantle team song

Fremantle celebrate their round eight win.

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The atmosphere in the change rooms was amazing, but there's no time more stressful in my job than post-game for an away game.

Generally, there’s 90 minutes before you’re on the plane.

In that time, you have to record the team song, do post-game social media, chase down a couple of players for interviews (easier said that done), tweet the coach’s media conference, send all video and audio to Perth and write a few stories before the plane takes off.

For our interstate players, it’s often the only time they get to see their families before they head back to Perth. Instead of getting that extra five minutes with his mum on Mothers Day, David Mundy agrees to chat for a story for the website.

Because he’s a legend.

As does Lachie Neale, who doesn’t seem to mind that he’s been stalked all day.

I realise I’ve missed the start of Ross Lyon’s media conference, which I am meant to live tweet. At the door, I toss up whether I should interrupt and go in, or stay outside.

Interrupt a Ross media conference? Nope.

The Freo fans were probably too delirious to notice anything awry on our socials. My co-workers back in Perth had already uploaded the goal, as well as a flashback to Mundy sinking Richmond’s hearts with a last-minute goal in 2015.

Getting on the plane, there’s no better feeling than handing everything over to Perth and shutting the laptop.

But obviously it’s an even better feeling after a win like that!