The West Australian government has delayed Phase 5 of easing COVID-19 restrictions, as announced by WA Premier Mark McGowan on Friday.

Initially planned to be introduced on Saturday 18 July, the new proposed date for the introduction of Phase 5 has moved to Saturday 1 August. 

The decision to remain in Phase 4 was made by the WA government after receiving the latest health advice from WA’s Chief Health Officer on Friday.

In line with this announcement the RAC Derby crowd will no longer have 60,000 fans at Optus Stadium. 

We are taking this decision on the basis of health advice to protect the people of Western Australia

- Mark McGowan

“I realise it won’t be popular with some people and I understand in particular with the Eagles/Dockers game there will be some problems. 

“It will have to be managed by the football clubs and we will work with them to manage it as best as they can.

“This is a small price to pay to put in place proportions to protect our citizens.” 

Mr McGowan listed hotel quarantine numbers and the worsening situation in Victoria as key reasons for the delay. 

“As I said when we first announced phase five, we would only introduce it under the watchful eye of our health experts,” Mr McGowan said. 

“Today we were provided with the latest health advice and that health advice is clear.

“Given the number of people in hotel quarantine and the situation in Victoria worsening, there is an increased risk of the virus spreading (here in WA).

“As a result, our Chief Health officer has recommended a delay in the introduction of phase five.

“We’ve decided to be extra cautious here, I wish we could move to the next phase…but a slight delay is a responsible and sensible decision to make.”

Updated information on RAC Derby member ticketing will be communicated later today.