Fremantle star Gabby O’Sullivan saved the biggest play of her career for the biggest stage last season during the first AFLW RAC Derby at Optus Stadium, only to have the moment to be ruined by one thing – her hair.
The play started with O’Sullivan bursting down the wing to deliver to Ebony Antonio inside 50, only for O’Sullivan to keep running and get the ball back off Antonio to kick the opening goal.
In the return of Kickin Back, co-hosts Hayley Miller and Emma O’Driscoll grilled O’Sullivan about the goal that made history.
What annoyed O’Sullivan most was that her fellow forwards failed to alert her that her hair was coming out of her ponytail, creating what Miller described as ‘a dinosaur ridge on the top of your head’.

“Do you know what, it was probably the best play of my career. I might have to watch it before the game on Sunday to fire me up,” O’Sullivan said.
“I will have to give Hayley credit here. I kicked the goal, I did the whole ‘get around me’ thing. Nobody in the ‘bubs’ - the forward line - said hey Gabs, your hair! They’re bad people.
“When it was my turn to go off on the bench, I sprinted off and Hayley goes, ‘good goal, fix your hair.’”

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PODCAST | Kickin' Back with Gabby O'Sullivan

WATCH: Here it is - the full episode of Kickin' back with Hayley and Drisco featuring our first guest for 2021, Gabby O'Sullivan.

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A frequent user of Fremantle’s gym early in the morning, O’Sullivan was also grilled about her country music playlist that often greets staff and players when they arrive at the club.
O’Sullivan said the genre grew on her when she was in America playing college basketball for the College of Coastal Georgia.
“As much as I wanted to dislike country music when I was over in America, my roomie for the first nine months was a massive country gal and played all types of country music,” O’Sullivan said.
“I hated it and hated it and then one day I loved it. It gets me up and about.
“I don’t know if any of you are cultured enough to know about country music, but it’s great. I love it, I’ve got a good playlist on Spotify if you really want to listen to it.
“Do you know who else likes it? Renee Kennedy, our physio. She loves my mixtape. And Michael Walters the other day walked into the gym and he loved it too.”