Heath Chapman and Sam Sturt’s seasons are over after the duo sustained significant injuries at the weekend, according to executive general manager of football Peter Bell.
Sturt underwent surgery on Thursday after injuring his knee playing for Peel in the WAFL on Sunday while Chapman is set to have surgery on the shoulder he injured during Sunday’s RAC Derby.
“Heath sustained a shoulder injury in the RAC Derby. Scans subsequent to the game have indicated that, unfortunately for Heath and for the Club, he’ll have to undergo shoulder stabilisation surgery," Bell said.
“That will be a season ending injury for Heath.
“He’s made a big impression on everyone at the football club and also to all of our fans. We’re looking forward to having him back healthy for pre-season.”

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Envision Medical Imaging injury update | Peter Bell 07.05.21

Peter Bell provides updates on Heath Chapman, Ethan Hughes, Sam Sturt and Bailey Banfield.

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Bell said it was tough to see a talented forward in Sturt sustain another significant injury.
“Sam’s done some damage to his meniscus in his knee,” Bell said.
“He’s already undergone surgery and it will also be a season ending injury for Sam.
“He’s had a terrible run of luck with injury, he’s got a lot of talent. We’re fully behind Sam and we look forward to him also re-joining us healthy for pre-season.”
Bell said that both defender Ethan Hughes and forward Bailey Banfield are set for stints on the sidelines.
“Ethan has a fracture in his scapula, which was a really tough contact in the RAC Derby,” Bell said.
“At the moment we’re just assessing the requirement for surgery around the potential for some nerve damage sustained in the injury.
“At the moment the signs are good, and we would manage that injury conservatively, but we just want to monitor that situation with the nerve.”
Bell confirmed that Banfield sustained a syndesmosis injury playing for Peel.
He came off early in what had been a promising start for the 23-year-old, kicking two goals before quarter time.
“Bailey’s a little bit different in that the specialist would like to wait another week or so to just see how that injury settles to determine whether there is the usual syndesmosis tightrope surgery, or we take a more conservative route and just re-condition that injury without the need for surgery,” Bell said.
“We’ll know a bit more in about a week’s time.”
Bell acknowledged that it had been an unfortunate weekend on the injury front with all four players sustaining contact injuries.
“It further illustrates that AFL is a tough competition and sometimes these collision injuries occur. Really bad luck for all of the four players,” Bell said.

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