The mystery of another strange nickname around the Club has been solved in the latest episode of Old Bull, Young Buck with co-hosts David Mundy and Griffin Logue.

The most recent guest, Sean Darcy, was quizzed on how he earned the nicknames ‘Onions’ and ‘Swaggy’ as well as the combination of the two, ‘Swaggy-O’.

Darcy said he preferred the nickname ‘Swaggy’, which, as Logue explained, was rather flattering.

“It’s big Swaggy. He’s got swagger and got style. I love that nickname,” Logue said.

On the other hand, ‘Onions’ was anything but flattering.

Darcy said it came from complaints about his hygiene when he lived with Matt Taberner.

“In the offseason we went to the gym one day and we were in a rush and he didn’t let me have a shower afterwards to go out for lunch,” Darcy said.

“We were driving there with (former teammates) Sam Collins, Josh Deluca and Matt Ubergang.

“He was just like ‘wow you small like Onions!’ like very loud as Tabs does.

“It was in the front of the café and everyone heard. It was unbelievable.

“It hurt me for a couple weeks because I pride myself on things like that and I remember (when I moved in with) Tommy Sheridan, that was his only question saying ‘you’ve got to get your hygiene up mate!’”

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PODCAST | Old Bull, Young Buck...with Sean Darcy!

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Darcy has also been given the nickname of 'Hodor' by both fans and school friends - based on the character from Game of Thrones - a nickname he's begrudgingly accepted.

"I did (put 'Hodor' on my leavers jumper). After the first year, it was nup, if you call me Hodor, we’re fighting. Then I lost a lot of fights!" he said.

While Darcy loved sharing a house with Taberner, he said he wasn’t happy with how stingy he was with the airconditioning, especially when staying in the attic in the middle of summer.

“Tabs would refuse to turn it on for long periods of time to save some money. Tabs is always smart like that,” Darcy said.

“I reckon the first night, I woke up in a pool of sweat as I was on the top of a three story house with no aircon. It was quite funny. Tabs is a different cat as you know and living with him is quite fun.”

Darcy went into further detail of what it was like to live with Taberner, who has a reputation of being one of the ‘stranger’ players on Freo’s list.

“This sums Tabs up to a tee. I’ve walked home and he’s singing this Irish jig for like 25 minutes straight. It was unbelievable,” Darcy said.

“He was just singing this song and I was like ‘what are you doing?’ and he just says ‘mate I just need to memorise this Irish jig’.

“I’ve gone to the toilet and I’ve come out and he’s got a texta and he’s writing on the fridge, the lyrics because he wanted to memorise it.

“And I said ‘mate is that a permanent texta and he’s like ‘yep’ and just sitting there permanently writing this Irish jig on a fridge. Out of all the things, it just sums him up.”

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