Big day for the Club?
Yes, it's been a long time since we've had success down here. Having said that I don’t think it played on our minds much. We're a new group and there's only a handful of players that have played down here and lost. So it wasn't a big thing for us. It's good to get a win under our belt though.

What was the most pleasing aspect?
Probably the evenness of the performance. There's been times this year where we've dominated quarters, and they're just taking the foot off the pedal and haven't played our way and the opposition’s got on top. And there were periods of the game where they got on top but I thought it was probably the most consistent performance, through style of play, but also evenness of contribution.

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Justin Longmuir post match | Rd 17 v Hawthorn

Hear from Justin Longmuir following the wi against Hawthorn in round 17.

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Did you feel like you had control of that contest?
Yes, and I thought although we lost clearances heavily in the last quarter it was largely led by our work around the contest. I thought our mids were really good up until three quarter time, which gave our forwards a good look. There’s probably times throughout the game where we didn't quite get the connection right forward of center, and our entries were in areas that made it hard to defend and there were times when we got stuck in our back half. But other than that, I thought it was pretty even.

What did it mean for the players to win for Fyfey in his 200th? Did you touch on it pre-game?
It’s an interesting one, because it makes you wonder whether players can actually try harder, than what they’d try normally. But we just spoke about a few behaviours that Fyfey exhibits that we can carry out today and largely it’s around his competitiveness and his calmness. He’s never flustered out on the oval and we thought if we could be on task and remain in the moment as much as he does as a team it would hold us in good stead. I was really rapt for the way he performed and the way we performed in a big milestone.

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Fyfe takes a hanger!

Game 200 and Fyfe is still taking incredible marks.

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What did you make of his performance?
I thought he was really strong from the start. Thirteen possessions in the first quarter and we tried to put him forward in the last quarter, and he kept on finding contests to be involved in and I think he enjoyed himself out there and played one of his better games.

Obviously, a pretty big result at this point in the season to stay in touch with finals?
It is but we can't get too far ahead of ourselves. We just need to keep building and making sure we stay process driven, making sure we prepare really well week in, week out to give ourselves the best opportunity on the weekend, and I feel like we've been pretty consistent in that area. We've been challenged a lot as a team, as a group, and we’ve responded really well, majority of time, and now we get to go home. It's another challenge playing Geelong off a short break, so it's going to be another good experience for young group.

Do you think Sean Darcy is starting to come into the conversation as one of the top rucks in the competition?
He is. The only thing I’d say is there are some very good rucks in the comp that have been doing it year on end, and some of the best rucks have been doing it for four, five year periods. I couldn't be any more pleased with the way Sean’s applied himself on and off the field. The challenge now is can he keep backing it up week after week. He's done it for the last 14,15 weeks, the challenge is for him to maintain that. He’s got a real hunger about improving his game. He's got a real competitiveness in his game on and off the field and those things will hold him in good stead.

Any injuries?
No. A clean bill (of health), we didn’t use the sub which is a good thing.

Mundy on song for '06
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