More than 200 females across Perth participated in the first Female Program of the Next Generation Academy, proudly presented by Tyrepower, last month.

The program ran for four weeks and was facilitated across two hubs in the northern and southern suburbs of Perth to cater for the large number of girls aged 11-14 that registered for the event.

The aim was to reach a large number of females and establish a presence of community football across the FFC NGA zones, by hosting training sessions focussing on skill development, repetition and refinement all while having a fun and enjoyable footy experience.  

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Our NGA female academy

Hear from Gemma Houghton and Mikayla Hyde about our recent NGA female academy powered by Tyrepower.

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10 AFLW players provided coaching for the participants and Mikayla Hyde was impressed by the uptake in female footy across both the North and South hubs.

“The girls were really enthusiastic and young, so they were willing to learn and listen to their coaches and the AFLW players,” Hyde said.

“We really saw a development from when the girls first started the program to when they finished it.

“The girls continued to get better each week, which was exciting.”

Each participant received an NGA training shirt and the opportunity to connect with the AFLW players on a personal level, as well improve their key skills in handballing, kicking and marking.

AFLW forward Gemma Houghton who also attended the program, will soon make the journey to the Kimberley region thanks to NGA’s new sponsor Tyrepower and is keen to see the female football talent in the region.

“We are fortunate to have two NGA hubs here in Perth and that a lot of girls are interested in taking part in the program,” Houghton said.

“To get Tyrepower on board to support this event but also help provide support to community football out in the regional areas is great because now we can really showcase the talent that is up there in the Kimberley.”

NGA will look to hold another female program at the end of the year due to the growing demand of females taking up the sport.