FFC has committed to the long-term sustainable vision of being a leader in Corporate Social Responsibility and community impact.

As a major initiative, the Club is committing to providing ongoing financial and resourcing support to the Purple Hands Foundation to deliver meaningful, human, impactful and direct work in the community for many years to come. 

Initial actions have included: 

  • Restructure of staffing model to have a greater focus on community impact 
  • Additional staffing resources to increase community impact 
  • Board endorsement for Corporate Social Responsibility Framework and Vision 
  • Board and Executive commitment to engage the FFC’s broad platform of support, business network and community reach in the efforts of the Purple Hands Foundation 
  • Board and Executive commitment to utilise FFC’s facilities and assets for positive social impact 

FFC will be utilising a vast number of these assets and resources to drive and support the activity of the Purple Hands Foundation. 

Working Together

We are exploring partnership opportunities with like-minded organisations that align with our focus areas. 

Our approach is to 'drop anchor' and have a real impact

We are guided by best practice social impact approaches including:

  • Long term partnership and commitments – we’re in it for the long haul 
  • Capacity building – to enable overall growth for partners and programs 
  • Place based efforts – supporting change that will last 
  • Addressing the cause – supporting systems leadership  

Partnership Approaches

Along with the direct resourcing and delivery of programs by the Purple Hands Foundation in the key focus areas, we will also look to form partnerships taking the following approaches:

Service delivery partner
Purple Hands Foundation and partner co-deliver programs utilising public profile and reach, use of facilities, skills and network. Programs can be developed to attract external funding from government and philanthropy. 

Grants partner
Purple Hands Foundation offers financial support and agreed access to public profile and reach, use of facilities, skills and network

Charity partner
Purple Hands Foundation offers inkind support through public profile and reach, use of facilities, skills and network.