As Fremantle Dockers Captain David Mundy prepares to lead the team for the first time as skipper against the Western Bulldogs, the traditionally calm and collected midfielder admitted he’s feeling an element of nervous excitement ahead of Sunday’s game.

“There’s probably a bit more nervousness going in,” Mundy said.

Mundy’s nerves hadn’t quelled his sense of humour, the Freo captain making light of one of the most important of skipper’s duties, the pre-game speech.

“I’m already starting to compose my pre-game in my head and it’s horrendous so I’ve got a bit of work to do there,” he said.

While light-hearted about his pre-game duties, since being voted captain in January, Mundy said he’s had to look at the club in a broader perspective.

“I’ve found myself thinking more about the group dynamic as I’m driving home, or driving into the club,” he said.

“About having more of a mindset about the entire group, not just on my area or myself.”

Ruck questions ahead of Bulldogs

Mundy said that while on-field leadership comes naturally to many players at the club, it has been his off-field work that he’s improved most in his time at Freo.

“On the field it’s quite easy, and a lot of guys are very similar and very passionate,” he said.

“We know how we like to play and the on-field stuff has always been easy for me personally.

“It’s been the off field talk, meetings, and direction that I’ve really grown in over the years.”