Can you tell us about Nat Fyfe’s injury?
He felt some tightness in his hamstring and the docs think it’s a low grade hamstring strain so we will get it scanned tomorrow and give you an update as soon as we know.

How was he in the rooms?
He’s disappointed like all of us. Disappointed that we couldn’t finish off the game the way we wanted to, and obviously disappointed with his injury.

What does that injury mean to your season?
It’s just a hamstring injury so we’ll get it scanned and we’ll rehab him and we’ll get him back in the team.

So it’s not a major hamstring injury?
That’s what the doctors are saying and he (Fyfe) said it’s minor. Hopefully, it’s a good scan and we get him back sooner rather than later.

The numbers in rehab is becoming a big list?
To be honest it is what it is. I think the team we put out there today was good enough to win but we’re just not playing consistently enough.

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Media Conference | Justin Longmuir v Gold Coast Suns Rd 4

Justin Longmuir spoke to media following the clash against the Suns.

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How do you assess where you are at and what you can do to fix it?
Centre bounce is an issue for us and has been an issue for us all season, and clearly ball movement out of our back half. I thought we took some steps forward today at certain periods of the game, but we’re not a team that can just bounce out of our back 50 and get field position from our back 50. So we need to tidy up around stoppages, I think we were minus 12-13 from stoppage, I don’t know the exact number, but we need to tidy up that area and get the game played in our front half more consistently. And there’s periods of the game where we are just coughing up easy goals. We coughed up five in a row in that second quarter but the four goal period, I don’t think we touched the footy in that four goal period. Look at the scoreboard, you lose by two goals. So we do such a good job to get two goals up and then we cough up four goals by not touching the footy once. So we need to tidy up those areas and the last quarter we didn’t start the way we wanted to. But we should be going in to the last quarter up because we were efficient going inside forward 50 and sometimes that, when you’re efficient going inside forward 50 like we were in the first quarter, you can’t lock the ball in your front half because you kick a goal, then it goes back to the centre bounce. We just need to get those inconsistencies out of our game.

What positives do you take out of the game?
I think there’s some positives in our game. Once we got it in our front half, we held it there and we scored. That’s a real positive for us. We’re defending our front half well. We’ve got to tidy up the consistency around our stoppage work and that will allow us to play the game in the front half a bit more.

Caleb Serong was promising as was Hayden Young tonight?
I thought his (Young’s) first half was really, really solid. He’s clearly got some aerial strength and took some really strong aerial intercept marks and he’s a good user. They’re good young men who are going to learn from every experience they get. They’re first year players who clearly are going to improve week in week out, and that’s largely driven by their attitude really.

Another couple of weeks left here in the hub, how urgently do you need to go back West with something?
Urgently. The results will look after itself if we just keep on improving. I felt like today we took a step forward in a lot of areas on last week, I feel like we’ve been gradually improving in certain areas of our game it’s just those lapses that cost us easy goals. There must have been a six-minute period where we cost ourselves four goals. Good teams don’t give away easy goals so we need to make sure we are more consistent.

You didn’t have the rain this time but was it giving you flashbacks to the Port game where there was one quarter essentially that cost you the game?
Yes, it was a little bit. To our players' credit they were able to fight back and kick two goals late in that second quarter and get momentum going our way again, which gave us a look and clearly in the third quarter we got back on even terms. Just really an opportunity missed to be honest

Is it an experience thing, that lapse in consistency?
I think so, we’ve got some inexperienced players all over the ground in some different lines. We’ve also got players playing new roles, so when momentum goes against you sometimes we can get quiet and go into our shells a little bit. I tried to put some things in place last week to help us through those momentum swings. Like I said I felt like we dug our self out of it, but we need to do it before it gets to five goals.

With Nat, is there any thought at all about not keeping injured blokes here or is it better for them to be rehabbing here and not sitting at home in quarantine. What’s the best way to get people recovered?
Well given that all of our medical staff are here, the best thing is for them to remain here. We’ve got access to everything we need here and we just don’t have the resources back home to put around our players, so everyone will stay at the hub.

Do you worry that Nat not being able to do his usual routine has contributed to his injury?
I don’t know. A lot of things can contribute to hamstring injuries, I just hope that we can get him back quickly and it’s not too bad.

Sean Darcy and Connor Blakely had a hit today.
Yes, I think there was a couple of strong performances. Clearly, we wanted to get some game time into Sean. It’s about building his fitness and his resilience to be able to play week in week out. He’ll come into consideration.

And Blakely?
He’s been close the past couple of weeks, I’ll have to watch the game and see how he went but he’s been close.

Do you look at trying to get some support in for Rory next week?
Yes, we’ll look at that. Sean was touch and go this week, we decided just to give him a week in the reserves to get his fitness up but yes, he will come into consideration.