Swan Districts 8.6 (54) def Peel Thunder 7.5 (47)
The first game of the week was a cracker, it was a really high quality affair. Both teams went in really young and a lot were under draft age, so it was good from a future draft perspective but from our point of view, we only had two players in action.

Ashley Sharp (Swan Districts)
It was Ashley’s first game back this season in the WAFLW so she’s still a bit underdone. She didn’t get a heap of the ball but when she did, she had some really influential touches that resulted in goals. It’s great to see her back out there and starting to get into some condition.

Bianca Webb (Swan Districts)
Bianca played on the ball and worked hard all day. She had a couple of good intercept possessions where she worked hard to help out her defence. She probably didn’t get to the outside as much but she did finish with a goal, which was good to see.

Claremont 9.10 (64) def South Fremantle 1.2 (8)
Claremont won this came quite comfortably although Souths did press quite a bit, they just couldn’t break down the Tigers defence.

Laura Pugh (Claremont)
Laura led the defence and was outstanding again. She rebounded well, beat her opponent one-on-one and used the ball really well on the way out.

Mim Strom (South Fremantle)
Mim’s first half was outstanding and was probably the best player in the ground in that time. Her work rate in the ruck was good and she took some good contested marks. She even went to centre half forward for a bit and took a really good contested mark up there. It’s pleasing to see her marking coming along really while her ruck work stays at a high level.

Subiaco 2.6 (18) def by East Fremantle 3.8 (26)
This was the most important game from our perspective with six in action between Subiaco and East Fremantle. East Fremantle needed to win to keep their finals hopes alive and they won by eight points.

Hayley Miller (Subiaco)
Hayley was again one of Subiaco’s best. She worked hard all day and when Subi were making a run at East Fremantle in the final term it was Hayley who was leading from the front at that time. Her good form is continuing.

Janelle Cuthbertson (Subiaco)
Janelle was outstanding down back. She really kept Subiaco in it. She didn’t concede a goal, she took intercept marks and distributed the ball really well from there.

Ange Stannett (Subiaco)
It was Ange’s second game for the year. She played in the middle and down back and it was another solid effort from her as she continues to build into her work. We’re expecting her to have a big finals series.

Gabby O’Sullivan (East Fremantle)
Gabby was clearly the best player on the ground, she kicked 2.3 and set up East Fremantle’s other goals. She was the difference between the two sides and it’s pleasing to see her have a great game across half forward.

Philipa Seth (East Fremantle)
Phil played really well and was definitely one of the best midfielders out there. She went down with an injury at the start of the final term so she didn’t finish the game but she was a big part of them setting up a match-winning lead.

Alex Williams (East Fremantle)
Alex is getting better each week. She had a couple of intercept contested marks and used the ball well. It’s great to see her building a good bank of games together.

This weekend, there’s two really important games in Peel v Claremont and East Fremantle v Swan Districts. They’re the sides that are between second and fifth and all of them can make or miss the finals, so it’s going to be a really crucial last round of fixtures.