Garrick Ibbotson has recovered well from off-season shoulder surgery and has resumed full training.

The athletic utility dislocated his right shoulder attempting a spoil in the round 3 game against Hawthorn at the MCG last year.

Ibbotson spent a few weeks recovering his strength and confidence in the shoulder before returning through the WAFL.

But he dislocated it again during Freo’s Semi-Final against Port Adelaide.

“Once it comes out, until you can get it back in it’s a bit awkward, a bit like when you have to crack your knuckle,” Ibbotson said.

Ibbotson had a latarjet procedure on the shoulder in the off-season – the same surgery Nat Fyfe had after his issues in 2012 aimed at stabilising the shoulder.

A small amount of bone is taken from the front of the shoulder and fused into the spot where the dislocation happens.

Ibbotson said he had spoken to Fyfe about his shoulder injuries and surgeries.

“We had our other shoulders done, so we’ve been through the same sort of stuff with shoulders,” he said.

“He said he was happy with the latarjet procedure.

“It was good being able to speak to someone who’s been through it before, and Fyfey’s had a couple of years without any shoulder issues.

“I think there’s about a one per cent chance of a dislocation again.”

The full recovery period after the surgery was about 12-14 weeks. Ibbotson had his procedure at the beginning of October and returned for the start of the pre-season in late November.

“I’ve had a full running program,” he said.

“I was a little bit limited with contact, even though we weren’t doing a whole lot pre-Christmas, but coming back post-Christmas I’ve been able to join in with the main group and got through without any issues.”

Freo sports science manager Jason Weber said all has gone according to plan with Ibbotson since the surgery.

“There was initial recovery from surgery, but once that occurred it was really about getting him strong again,” Weber said.

“He’s back training with the team with no issues whatsoever.”