Michael Walters is allowing himself a short break to start his off-season, but the 2020 season will never be far from his mind.

The forward/midfielder was recognised for an outstanding 2019 with All Australian honours in Melbourne on Wednesday night, but Walters isn’t going to spend much time celebrating his first green and gold jacket.

Walters said it was important to start the next pre-season well and set a good example with Fremantle set to appoint a new coach.

“It’s good to get a bit of reward for all of my effort that I’ve put in for the past couple of years but it doesn’t stop now,” Walters said.

“We do have a young group and we want to focus on next year and I want to make sure I relax enough in the off-season but also be ready to come back and play.

“We’re going to have a new coach and I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot.” 

Fun footy gets Walters to All Australian

While Walters was yet to speak to his three daughters following his return to Perth, he said he was going to make the most of a short break.

“The girls are at school at the moment and the other one is asleep. They haven’t said anything yet so we’ll talk more after school,” Walters said.

“Although I want to sit back and relax with my family and not do too much - lay on the couch, which I’m good at! I still need to focus on next year and there’s no doubt I’ll enjoy the next two weeks 

“Once my off-season training program kicks in, I’ll be doing that and trying to complete it as best as I can.”