For Fremantle rookie AFLW player Brianna Moyes, it’s about to become ‘wharfie time’ both on and off the field.

The former Perth Lynx basketballer was picked up by Fremantle as a rookie in September and is set for her first training session with the club when the AFLW pre-season kicks off on 14 November. 

Moyes has worked as a stevedore at North Quay at Fremantle Port for the past year, tasked primarily with loading and unloading ships.

“I love footy and I love being a wharfie as well,” Moyes told ABC news. 

“Being a wharfie, it’s quite physical. I work on board the ships and throw up lots of steel rods and do the turnbuckles and then I drive in trucks as well.” 

It’s a life that was almost meant to be for the 27-year-old, who had her sights set on joining Freo.

“My partner and I, we would often say, ‘imagine how funny would it be if I went from the docks to being a Docker!’” Moyes said. 

“So it really is a dream come true.”

“It’s great with this work because it is very flexible and I’m in control of my shifts, so it’s like it’s meant to be really, going from the docks to the Dockers.”