Senior coach Trent Cooper put it best on Twitter when he praised Fremantle defender and firefighter Evie Gooch for her efforts in helping battle the bushfire emergency to the east of Perth.

After playing an important role in Fremantle's 30-point win against GWS on Sunday, Gooch then joined the Department of Fire and Emergency Services to help battle the blaze from Monday.

Cooper praised Gooch for 'keeping us all safe one day after keeping our D50 safe' and the defender's efforts as a firefighter also made headlines in the news.

In a post on Instagram, Gooch said she had been inspired by the efforts of those around her.

"Hundreds of people have put their heart, soul and continuous effort in to help wherever they can throughout this heartbreaking time in Western Australia," Gooch wrote.

"Some have gone without sleep. Some are doing it for free. 

"I am proud to be able to help in the capacity I have been trained for, along side so many selfless and brave individuals. 

"The media doesn't show a story for each person out there on the fire ground risking their life to save people and property.

"Thank you to all who have shared their support and well wishes to me personally. But I would like to ask that your support goes to the whole of those involved over the past few days, and continuing on throughout this tough time."