AFL Women’s players Roxy Roux and Aine Tighe alongside Fans and Community Engagement coordinator Mitch Harvey recently supported Zero2Hero’s holiday program held on Thursday 21st January at Newman College.
Zero2hero is a WA-based incorporation dedicated to increasing the understanding of mental health issues and the awareness of mental health services among children and young people through innovative programs, events, and education. Events such as Zero2Hero day and Camp Hero equip school-aged children and teenagers with the skills to speak up when they are struggling and the confidence to stand up and support their friends when they may be experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, self-harm or suicidal thoughts.

Fifty children between 9-14 years of age attended the holiday program where they received the opportunity to participate in a hour length, high intensity, football skills session followed by a Q&A, giving the children the chance to know more about the life of a professional athlete.
Tighe used the opportunity to close the day by speaking of her recent injury setbacks and the need to remain resilient and focused when challenged with adversity.  Her story ended with a number of questions from the kids which topped off an incredible morning.

Roux said she loved the clinic and stated the importance of addressing mental well-being at a young age.

"I thought the experience was fantastic for myself and the kids, it was great to see the kids really try and improve on the next skill we teach them. It was especially exciting when the kids asked about what its like outside of footy," Roux said.

"I believe promoting menal health wellbeing and awareness is extremely important. You can be physically strong and good socially but its just as important to keep your mental wellness at its peak. Its ok if it’s not, that’s why programs like Zero2Hero exist, so you can build and grow your strategies and methods and understand what it takes and what it means to take care of your mental health."