Next Steps

Since early 2021 we’re getting to work and holding conversations, listening to feedback and taking the steps to create a charitable foundation we can all be proud of. 

You're invited to be a part of the Purple Hands Foundation

There are plenty of ways you can help. Please get in touch if you’re interested in any of the following options: 

  • Exploring partnership opportunities to support the work of the Purple Hands Foundation 
  • Pledging financial support to the Purple Hands Foundation 
  • Volunteering at events, game day activations or with programs delivered by the Purple Hands Foundation 
  • Sitting on a Steering Committee, Working Group or similar to assist the Foundations development, focus and priorities 
  • Partner with the Purple Hands Foundation on projects within the key focus areas 

Be part of it

FFC is determined to use our position of influence to further strengthen our contribution to the community.


We are excited by plans to make a greater impact in our community through the direct work of the Purple Hands Foundation and also through long term partnerships that will address our key focus areas. 


Emma Pass 
Operations Manager - Purple Hands Foundation 

Simon Eastaugh 
Head of Community Engagement 

Adam Bury 
Head of Commercial Partnerships